Wireless hearing aids can send microwave radiation into a person’s brain

Health complaints while wearing wireless hearing aids were bloody noses, dizziness, heart racing, and feeling like “molasses”. The negative effects weren’t immediate but the relief was.


John Puccetti says:

Wow do not buy microwave hearing aids! Good to have testimonials!

Cecelia Doucette says:

Thank you for this! My husband came home all excited to share that he can now control his 98-year-old mother’s hearing aid volume with his cell phone. My eyes widened in horror recognizing that they must be putting RF antennas right up against her brain. So, I measured, and indeed there were high RF transmissions. No wonder she doesn’t like wearing her hearing aids! My husband looped in with the audiologist to see if we could disable the RF antennas. The audiologist had never heard about EMFs before, so it was a wonderful educational opportunity. Upon investigation, we figured out that if we open and close the hearing aid battery three times each, it would toggle off the RF antennas. Next time we visit my mother-in-law, I’ll check to see what vendor/model she has and report back. Thanks for all you do, Paul!

azcavebabe says:

Yes, interesting but it’s not the battery that’s the problem. The hearing aid has a small transmitter that sends out microwaves. At times as high as a cell phone as measured by Total EMF. Thanks for that suggestion of a hearing aid without high EMF, but what is needed is one without any microwave.

Najla Fathi says:

I appreciate the post it is an eye opener I have never thought such a small battery can do that much high frequency connected to the head directly. It is overwhelming the least I can say. Thank you again.

Najla Fathi says:

Rionet Hearing aid is a hearing aid without high EMF. It is wired product of Tokyo, Japan by Rion CO., LTD

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