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Small, comfortable and versatile – WIDEX SUPER introduces RITE technology to the super power segment for the first time.

has the power to provide loudness
has the gain for speech understanding
has no feedback/doesn’t whistle
has a long battery life
is made for all day, everyday use
has a robust and stylish design
gives you the choice of two receivers, for either moderate to severe or severe to profound hearing loss, plus various ear-tips and earmolds. This versatile model is packed with InterEar features for better localization.
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The high-end SUPER440 hearing aid comes with a full range of advanced features that let you localize and focus on the dominant voice in a crowd. SUPER440 also comes with Zen, the revolutionary tone and relaxation program that plays random and harmonic tones in stereo to help you relax or manage tinnitus.
SUPER440 gives you the power to hear more, it provides you with better orientation of sound, it can be used all day in all kinds of weather and yet it is a very small and smart looking RITE solution. SUPER440 is compatible with all DEX devices.

The SUPER220 hearing aid is a powerful wireless hearing aid at a more affordable price.
A small, weather-resistant and stylish hearing aid that provides the advantages of comfort and clarity while giving you the power to hear. Furthermore the clever design reduces wind noise by up to 18 dB. SUPER220 features the Audibility Extender, which helps hearing aid users to better hear high frequency sounds such as birds chirping and children’s voices.

The power to hear
Despite the small-size design SUPER is an extremely powerful hearing aid. SUPER concentrates on audibility — giving you access to sounds that you may not have heard before. For example the Audibility Extender moves high-pitched sounds such as birds chirping and children’s voices down to where you can hear them. And a 675 battery means more power for up to 3 weeks’ usage.

All day, all weather
SUPER is reliable and user-friendly for all weather and all day use. The clever design makes it weather-resistant, while wind noise is reduced by up to 18 dB.

Hear sound from everywhere
Determining the direction of sound is a common problem among hearing aid users.
SUPER can help you determine where sounds are coming from; for those who have difficulty orientating themselves when wearing a traditional BTE hearing aid, this is great news.

Music, television and phone calls
By combining SUPER with our assistive listening devices, you can enjoy watching TV, listening to music or using your cell phone – all completely wirelessly and without any delay.


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