The Most Important HEARING AID Video You Will EVER Watch! | What are Real Ear Measures?

Dr. Cliff Olson, founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Anthem Arizona, discusses Real Ear Measures (REM) which is the one thing that is more important than the hearing aids you wear. Real Ear Measures, or Real Ear Verification, is the only way to ensure your hearing aids are fit appropriately. Does your hearing care professional do them?


Doctor Cliff, AuD says:

Does your hearing care professional do Real Ear Measures?

Fran Dodrill Anderton says:

I went to Enticare in Chandler AZ, do you know of them, and if so are they a good business to trust?

Venor M says:

Are analog hearing aids programmable? I was under the impression that they only have volume buttons.

Amrit Matharu says:

That bloody Aurical is a pain to REM on. Have you tried out the Unity 3 audiometer?

Hasanuzzaman Agun says:

Sir,iam 22 years old and suffering progressive hearing loss with vertigo. Recent I use CIC muse 1000 . But I don’t feel compfort.when I go outside it makes noise inside my ears. And I feel helpless. It seems too much painful to me. What can I do?

vatalon56 says:

Wish I had viewed this video before picking up my first set of hearing aids at the VA. A technician gave a class that showed how to care for the aids and then the audiologist ushered me out the door. I told her I was experiencing a stuffiness sensation and she said I would get use to it! Well after two weeks, I returned for a Walk-In appointment and the technician adjusted the fit but told me the other issue was a programming problem that had to be addressed by the audiologist. All of this could of been avoided if a Real Ear Measurement had been done at the initial visit. Now I have to wait over a month to see the audiologist. Thanks to your video, I know what to ask for!

L1D9M69 says:

I really enjoyed watching this video. It explains a lot of information that I would of never realized.

Bill Carpenter says:

70% don’t do this? That’s incredible. Any idea why so many? Besides the expense of the equipment and software, which is probably minor in the grand scheme of things, I can’t think of a reason to avoid doing it. (I had it done at Costco, and I thought the whole idea was pretty cool.)

Knightmare5.0 says:

Dam when i tried some hearing aids last November the hearing instrument specialist never did this at all he just said i programmed them i little less than the prescription needed
Im glad i took them back after 3 weeks
Will have to find another clinic and ask them to do this process when i buy hearing aids again

Eric B says:

Best info I have ever gotten in #4 years of wearing hearing aids. Acceptance is what I have always known growing up my whole life.

Monica Smith says:

great video. Wow where were you when…… Have Menieres Disease for 44 years. Yesterday the audiologist adjusted my phonak Audeo Q bought in 2014 after my REM. She showed me the Phonak B-Direct and a video of the Roger Select. Discussed with husband and will be fitted next week and try out for the next 45 days. Just want to be able to hear at social gatherings and out with friends and hope they work. Dr. Susan Miranda King neurotologist and audiologist Dr Robyn Shandley are it has taken 40 years to find this kind of help. subscribed and ready to stay connected. Thanks.

Bruce Harvey says:

Been wearing HAs for 15 yrs and have neve had Real Ear Measures. Asked my provider and he does not believe in REM, says he can do just as well with his questions and my responses, how does that sound? Will be going to Costco in a week foe my fitting for new HAs and very happy to know they always perform REM. Much more professional than my previous provider.

Rally fortunate to have found your site, I have subscribed and look forward to more info.

Astrid Fallas says:

Hi Dr. Olsen, have you tried the Interacoustics Callisto?

Fred Huffman says:

My audiologist did the standard hearing test that showed my prescription at different frequencies and then programmed my aids on the computer … some Phonak Audeo B model (90?, not sure but it was “top of the line” and had auto-adjust so I’m thinking the B90). I like them. I’m deaf in right ear since age 3 meningitus. I can hear speech better and that auto adjust seems great.
My hearing loss was AI 54%, PTA 27, and HFA 38. Not real bad, but it bugs me. Word recog 90% in quiet environment. She did not think I’d like aids since my PTA was 27 – above 30. I do like them though.
2 Q’s –
1) Isn;t there a test for noisy environment word recognition?
2) She did not do an REM and after watching this video perhaps they could be programmed better. Shouldn;t I ask for an REM? – I think I will, and the other test I thought you mentioned for word recog in noise.
3) Any advice for any other Q’s I should ask her, knowing discreetly that she is a pro and you are too?
I am discreet and can ask without noting another D.Aud’s advice. I try to keep informed and she knows I research things and ask intelligent Q’s from my research. She does think I’d benefit from a remote mic and I’m thinking of the Roger Pen. Hearing speech in noise, in crowds, my wife in the car as I drive (deaf ear is left ear!) is frustrating for me!
I’m trying the Audeo B90’s for a week.

Carly Fournier says:

I had no idea that corruption was being used in the hearing aid industry, thank you for informing us about that. Using the power of suggestion to make a sale on something that is so important to someone smh. People who are like that should not have a job. They need to get their act together.

Samir Piplani says:

Can we test real ear measurement with Many companies make digital hearing aid higher channel like as 24 with higher compression test measurement with Gn otometric instrument

Chris Nicklo says:

This is an incredibly helpful video. Thank you!

J Ro says:

Dr. Olsen, thank you for instructing me on this new hearing aid world and foremost thanks for caring!
Take care

John Shaw says:

Does Costco hearing aid accept Cigna Health Rewards?

Uday tube channel says:

eargo price in indian currency plz

Puneet Kapoor says:

nice video doc

psvr 3D videos says:

Great video, thank you!

Paul Adler says:

Is speech mapping the same as Real Ear measurements?

Ευθύμιος Αντωνόπουλος says:

Which REM system do you recommend? I saw in your video you use AURICAL but i think it is a bit expencive. Do you have any recommendations for something more affortable? Thank you! Amazing Videos!

Linda M says:

safter receiving my hearing aid, should I schedule appointment with audiologist to confirm that aid is programmed correctly?

SayWhat Hearing says:

Gold!!! Thank you very much for sharing this information with us Dr. Olson. There is a lot of very valuable information here!

Larry Diamond says:

Wonderful informational video, Doctor Cliff. Kudos!!

Rafał Sulich says:

I work in the industry as audiologist as well yet there are some different opinions then please let me ask about your opinion:
1) What do you do if your patient is not accepting HI after REM measurement? E.g. it’s too loud or too sharp for him/her?
Do you change the fitting to make it acceptable?
2) What about adaptation process for first-time users and how about REM measurements for first time users?

(just to be clear – I’m asking about adults – pediatric fitting is a bit more complex as we know it)

Worth to mention – although REM looks quite easy in fact it’s a measurement that require certain knowledge and experience. It can be tricky (e.g. if probe will be pulled out from the ear between measurements you will get huge differences).
It’s super important to know how to do it properly yet I have feelings this knowledge is “disappearing”. Don’t you think?

deborahlee52 says:

Can you get an accurate hearing test at Costco or Sam’s Club to show what you’re hearing loss is into compare to a hearing aid that you are interested in buying. I have looked into ListenClear Who have a 45 day trial period that you can use to see if it suits you. He did emphasize that I would need to get a hearing test done so that they could use it to fit the hearing aid to the needed frequencies of each ear. is this what you are talking about? And do you know if insurance will cover any of this as I do have hearing insurance with my AARP United healthcare advantage program. Your reply will be very helpful and interesting is I want to be sure that this would be a good course to take. You sound very very informed and I would like your honest answer thank you.

Tom Davis says:

Dear Dr. Clifford, thank you so much for you highly informative videos! I have been wearing hearing aids for the past 7 years, but I have never heard of the the REM testing protocol. How do I find an audiologist who performs this REM test? I have had one appointment with a new audiologist, but she has only been in practice for 3 years, and did not perform the REM test with new new aids I am currently testing out. I am testing the new Widex Evoke hearing aids and I live in the North Palm Beach/West Palm Beach Florida area.

Lara Melissa Odias says:

Hello good day again ..wat is the best treatment for my child..?thus hearing aid can help my child ?

Lydia Sancer says:

I am an audiology grad student currently and have one question. Do you typically do an initial fitting to first fit with the manufacturer recommendation and then at the follow up make adjustments using real ear measures? I 100% agree that REM are essential for accurate fittings, but I wonder with the geriatric population if the adjustments needed initially are too much amplification for a brain that has not heard certain frequencies in a long time, and by doing so causes the patient to put the hearing aids in their drawer? This is a great video, very informative.

Christopher Hawkins says:

Dr. Olson, thank you so much for this information. Would you have a recommendation for an Audiologist in the Northern VA area that performs REM and other best practices? Thank you again.

Jack Melnikoff says:

So I’ve been a hearing aid customer from Costco for the last 5 years. I purchased a pair of Rexton hearing aids from them. Even when I purchased the aids 5 years ago, they did not do REM. That said, the technician put a set of ear buds/headphones on me without the hearing aids. I then went through a sound test letting him know when I heard numerous sounds. He the used that information to “program” my hearing aids. He does this annually when I go back for my annual tuning/update. How is this different from REM? If he doesn’t offer REM, would most audiologist’s be able to reprogram Rexton aids? Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I cannot thank you enough for all of your videos. It’s been a valuable source of information.

Jim Day says:

great, infomative

J Ro says:

Sr. Olsen I m new in the hearing aid world and I just got my first demo Oticon Opn 1 But my Audiologist did not perform the REM. I call her and told her about it but she said that the manufacturer software is enough. Can I have an independent REM done? My Insurance already sent a 12K check to them and I didn’t even get what I want yet. I really would like to go somewhere else but I feel that I am stock with them because my insurance said that I can’t see somebody else until they paid that money back. Any advice?

Queenbee2014 says:

Thank you so much for this information. I knew something was wrong but I couldn’t figure out what it was until now that I watched this film. After my first hearing test I started off wearing 1 hearing aid, I felt great because at last, I could hear the sound of my own voice and felt I could hear better. Before the hearing aid, all my family members would tell me that I was “shouting” when I communicated with them plus I was getting strange ear pressure before wearing the hearing aid and needed the subtitles on when watching TV. The pain was quite painful and seem only to be in the right ear, the hearing aid ear. I thought the ” you are shouting” would end once I got the hearing aid, but from the start, my family began noticing that My speech would be okay sometimes, and other times I noticed that the hearing aid was having trouble adjusting to everyday noise situations sound coming from the environment even though I had 2 different setting on the aid programmed by the NHS Audiologist here in the UK. It became so frustrating for me that at times I didn’t want to wear the darn thing, but given the circumstances, I did and wore it every day for 3 years.
Had a hearing test a month ago and I now need 2 hearing aids instead of one. I now have the one that can be connected to Bluetooth etc. They to have been programmed by the NHS Audiologist. I wore them out and they seem fine, but when I wore them to the pictures two days ago I noticed the hearing aid could not deal well with the speaker sound there. I tried lowering the volume by the button on the hearing aid but It was not coping well with the sound.
I have never had the above test done on me and I am now wondering if the NHS in the UK would even allow it, and just look at as a troublemaker or something for evening asking. I am left feeling afraid to ask really.

Lara Melissa Odias says:

Hi,can a 6yrs old boy can hear if he is a severe profound hearing loss in both ear?

WhoRyou Jim says:

Thanks for thee pro’s and cons of gn resound linx 3D

Frank Harenza says:

Real good info about real ear measures. Wish doc was in my area.

adco59 says:

I was diagnosed with severe hearing loss. My provider says they don’t do REM until 2 to 4 weeks after you start wearing them. He said the prescription was right for me based on my hearing test. Also that they wait so my hearing could get used to the devices. Is that true? Thank you. You are a Rock Star by the way. Thx!

Ganesh Kumar says:

Thank you for this video. I agree with your assessment of REM tests and they have done two things for me: 1 ensure the hearing aids programming are as close as possible to the hearing tests and 2 inspire patient/provider confidence in assessing unique needs as every hearing loss different.

I unfortunately went to a clinic owned by Dr Granville Brady who was unprofessional, did not offer REM tests as he did not have the Verifit machine in the office but claimed to insurance that he did, and was focused on volume based patient care to maximize throughput rather than quality patient care. Fortunately I was able to go to another clinic called Horizon Audiology who were professional and had REM equipment to fix the programming but had to pay those visit costs out of pocket.

Two questions for you: Is there a way to suggest mandated REM testing across all practices, and is there a complaint process for substandard care for an audiologist practice besides BBB?

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