Single Sided Deafness Solutions | CROS/BiCROS/BAHA Hearing Aids

Dr. Cliff Olson, Audiologist from Anthem Arizona, discusses the best treatment options for Single Sided Deafness & some cases of Unilateral Hearing Loss.

If you have a hearing loss in only one ear, a traditional hearing aid may not be your best option. Depending on the severity of that hearing loss, you may require a different treatment all together. If you can no longer understand speech in your bad ear, amplifying it with a hearng aid will not help.

When you have no usable hearing in your bad ear, and good hearing in your better ear, you need a CROS device. This stands for Contralateral Routing Of Signal. These devices look like small hearing aids and transmit sound from your bad side to your good side. This helps you overcome the Head Shadow effect and hear speech from your bad side, on your good side.

If you are deaf in your bad ear, but also have some level of hearing loss on your better side, your best option may be a BiCROS, or Bilateral Contralateral Routing of Signal device. This is where the hearing aid on your better side receives sound from the transmitter on your bad side, but also amplifies it for the better ear that also has a hearing loss.

You may also have a surgical option that is called a BAHA or Bone Anchored Hearing Aid. This requires he implantation of a metal post or magnet into your skull by a surgeon. You then attach a Sound Processor that picks up sound from your poorer side and vibrates your skull so your better hearing ear can hear it. Sounds like magic, but any vibration of the bones in your head can be heard by your Cochlea (inner ear hearing organ). This is called bone conduction. There are even headphones that use this type of technology!

At the end of the day, just because you can’t hear in one ear, doesn’t mean that you don’t have treatment options. You just have to find a hearing care professional that is comfortable with this type of hearing loss and knows what they are doing.

Ultimately, any time you are diagnosed with a hearing loss in only one ear, or an asymmetrical hearing loss, you should be referred to an Otolaryngologist (ENT) to make sure it isn’t something serious like a tumor. If it is, you will need to get that treated immediately.


Paul Adler says:

Do you know if Medicare pays for the BAHA, CROSS or BiCROSS? Thanks

Brenda Carroll says:

Thanks for this videoDr. Cliff. 3 weeks after receiving a flu shot I had sudden hear loss in my right ear, hearing is great in left ear. After 3 steroid ear injections and 2 hearing test I was told today by my ENT doctor that I’ll need a dual cross device. I’m kinda afraid not knowing what to expect. I’m praying for normalcy in my life again through hearing in what sounds like both ears. I read wear one person on hear said, the device made her dizzy and bad headaches. Please give me hope that this won’t be the case for me.

Harika Reddy says:

Sir I have my right ear is deaf so I know the Cros hearing aid cost

eljefe85 says:

Dr. Olson,

Thank you for your videos. They are truly informative.
I’m looking for a SSD hearing aid and currently am in between the Phonak Audeo B-R and the Untiron Moxi Now which I have been informed are from the same company and have a relationship similar to Toyota and Lexus. From what I’ve seen in researching these and sticking to the car analogy, Phonak is more like the Lexus while Unitron is more like the Toyota. Both have similar “engines” but the Phonak has more features. I’m interested in hearing your opinion on each of these devices or maybe seeing a video on this *wishful thinking*

airborn65 says:

Hello Dr. Cliff. I have moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss on my right ear and severe to profound sensorineural loss on my left ear. Will BiCros setup work for me or shall I just stick to binaural hearing aids? I appreciate your videos a lot. Thanks in advance for your advice.

Theresa Morrissey says:

I am 100% deaf in my right ear, found out when I failed the hearing test at the beginning of kindergarten, (30 years ago) some of my family had suspicions before I was five but because my ear looked normal my dr said I was fine. Test came back with nerve ending damage. My Question is, wich one would be the best for me? Also would cochlear implant be a possibility?

Shannon Diffenderffer says:

Thank you Dr. Olson!This is terrific information put in layperson terms. Greatly appreciated, especially like the diagram showing the shadow effect.

Sztoltz says:

Hey! Where is the subtitles???

Girl of Many Fandoms says:

My biggest concern is cost honestly. I want a good solution that won’t break the bank.

behemottka says:

Thank you, this is very useful. I have intracochlear schwannoma and one of those is likely in my future. Your channel was immensely helpful in navigating the choice of my current hearing aid. Thank you 🙂

Paul Adler says:

What questions should I ask the audiologist when I purchase and get fitted for a BiCROS device? Thanks

Arthur twosheds says:

Can we get this advanced treatment in Austerity UK 2018 ?

Shirley Davis says:

Thank you. Before your video, I was not aware of the BAHA system. This video could have been written specifically to describe my hearing loss. I have lost all hearing in my left ear and severe loss in my right ear. I have been using the Phonak BiCros system for about 5 years now and am now using my second pair. Hearing aids have totally changed my life. Each day is a new adventure!

Anom Guritno says:

Thanks for this video Dr Cliff, 3 months ago, I got flu and loss my hearing on one side (right ear). My ent doctor diagnosed that I had sudden deafness. I got 3 time steroid injection and hyperbaric treatment, but it didnt work well. And he gave me advice to do ‘cochlear implant’, but i’m not ready yet. Is there other solution? Could i use cros or bicros device? Because my left ear works well and i still can hear from my right ear, although it isnt clear.

Sky Marie says:

The hospital wants 30 grand for the BAHA to be placed.

Rosy C says:

What can you suggest Doc, for a Stage 2 Microatia and Atresia patient whom is 38 years old??

Demon 87 says:

Hello doctor, i have SSD. I am wondering to have ad hear from med el or bone bridge implant. Which one do you suggest? I have been living it for quite some time, so most of the time i feel comfortable enough with only one good ear. I have tried the ad hear, its good, its comfortable and the sound is 90% natural. When i use traditional hearing aid, the sound isnt natural, its like hearing everyone talking with a mic and its unconfortable, i felt dizzy and the knocking sounds made my head hurt. I would like to go with bone bridge implant but my concern is that when i tried ad hear, and both my ears are open, the sound is dominantly from my good side, like 95% coming from them. The difference is only that i can hear sounds from my bad ear side

Tinnitus Protector says:

Valuable Information! But traditional hearing aids are way too much expensive and sometimes not really worth it.

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