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Superior hearing plus Bluetooth® is a unique hearing aid innovation offered by Signia, making life sound brilliant. Watch this YouTube video to learn about the superior hearing provided by Signia Nx hearing aids. Signia hearing aids Bluetooth® is joined with a full array of capabilities including dual processing, Own Voice Processing (OVP™), personalized controllability, as well as the leading innovations in the hearing care industry.

The video delves into some of the propriety advances that the Signia Nx hearing aids provide to users. These best in the industry hearing aids provide a more natural sounding experience seamlessly connected using Bluetooth® iPhone capabilities. Signia Nx uses the Ultra HD e2e, combining the trademarked OVP™ enhancement for improved own voice acceptance while independently processing surrounding sounds. Along with the power and capabilities of the Ultra HD e2e processor these hearing aids are seamlessly integrated with Bluetooth.

This explainer video presented by Signia, educates hearing aid users as well as hearing care professionals on the benefits and superior hearing capabilities of this Bluetooth® hearing aid. Replicating nature, the sound is naturally processed by the Signia Nx hearing aids for clients throughout their everyday life. These superior hearing aids offer a naturally sounding daily life during interpersonal interactions, at public events, as well as when streaming phone calls, music, or tv.

Signia hearing aids maintain a high energy efficiency. The latest addition is the Signia 312 nx hearing aids with the longest streaming time in the industry. Signia hearing aid wearers who stream phone calls, love to stream music, watch tv or movies or using the Signia Nx Streamline mic, do it longer without recharging.

The battery free hearing aids by Signia offer instant personalization with the myControl app. The myControl app, is a sophisticated remote control that is easy to use. Signia Nx hearing aid clients can quickly switch between streaming programs, mute background noise, as well as access individual volume control along with real-time hearing care data.

This Signia YouTube video is an introduction to a superior hearing with Bluetooth hearing aids for iphone, combined with the dual processing advancements enabling the satisfaction of clear, natural own voice processing. Hearing care professionals and hearing aid wearers can get a quick overview of some of the advanced technology that is incorporated by Signia hearing aids that make life sounds brilliant.

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