ReSound LiNX 3D Hearing Aid Review | Direct iPhone Bluetooth Technology

Dr. Clifford Olson, founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Anthem Arizona, gives a complete ReSound LiNX 3D Hearing Aids Review in this video.

The Resound LiNX 3D hearing aids are the 3rd generation of the innovative LiNX hearing aid by Resound. But what makes the LiNX 3D the next best thing in Hearing Aid Technology?

#1. Sound Quality – ReSound hearing aids tend to rank among the best when it comes to sound quality.

#2. Durability – At least in my clinic, Resound hearing aids end up in repair less than some other hearing aid brands we work with.

#3. iPhone connectivity with nearly every style of hearing aid – This is where the LiNX 3D really separates from the pack. You can have iPhone bluetooth technology with In-the-Ear devices not just Behind-the-ear hearing aids.

#4. Use any accessory in the Resound Line – You can use any accessory and trigger their use on your Resound Smart iPhone App.

#5. Resound Assist – You can now have adjustments made on your LiNX 3D hearing aids, by your Audiologist, without going into the clinic. This could revolutionize the future of hearing healthcare.

#1. Asthetics – Even though the devices are nearly invisible, they don’t have the same sleek look as some other hearing aids.

#2. Resound Assist – It’s great to have access to remote changes of hearing aid programming, but making adjustments on a device when it isn’t clear what caused the need for changes. The only way to identify why a change in programming is needed is to have an audiologist identify the cause of the problem.

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Afzal Ali Tv says:

How much is this device cost?

Hearing Tracker says:

Another great video! Shared on our LiNX 3D reviews page

Rafał Sulich says:

Hi there!
I’m amazed with your channel – I whish there was like this in Poland 🙁
As for some of remarks you said:
Actually I think that ReSound hearing aids are quite cool and good looking. Compared to Phonak or Oticon they are way smaller and better looking. But such opinions depends from personal feelings – I wouldn’t consider this as an issue. It’s a matter of your personal feelings. 🙂
As for ear wax and HL changes – it’s true you can’t check it online. Yet, app ask you if you’re experiencing any of this issues. You can see if there’s wax on your receiver or not. When you mark “Yes” it won’t let you send request but it will tell you to visit your HCP.
Just to mention 😉

Duncan Ius says:

ReSound LiNX 3D vs Oticon OPN1 thoughts? I have been testing the OPN1 for the past 3 days and for talking, meetings, TV it sounds great but music is just awful so is the app. Also, the right hearing aid keeps dropping blue tooth connection, kinda troubling considering its only 3 days old and 7400$ Canadian. For a music lover who used to be a recording engineer and someone who wants the best sound quilty and durability what do you recommend?

Nisha Johnson says:

Thank you for this review. I’m scheduled to receive a pair of ReSound Linx 3D hearing aids next week. This will be my first time wearing hearing aids, so I’m pretty nervous, but thanks to your videos, I am becoming more excited to see how they work.

Shirley Davis says:

Knowledge is power! Very impressive.

Afzal Ali Tv says:

How much is this device cost and tell me where this device will get from me?

Rod V says:

Thank you Dr Olson for that information about the Resound aids. I’m new to this information about hearing aids as I just got diagnosed with mild to medium loss. My Audiologist has given me Signia Pure 312 Nx to demo and see how they work for me for a couple of weeks. They seem very good for me as I can hear a lot better but wanted to know what you think of this make and model. Thank you for your videos they are really helpful and informative. Rod

Bessie Harper says:

Helo Dr Olson, I was wearing Resound BTE hearing aides that paired with my Apple devices. I Just received my CIC aides Lynx 3D -9. My understanding was that I could stream from phone to aide and have bluetooth capability. This does not seem to be the case. Can you advise, am I misinformed?

Gene Boatman says:

I have been enjoying your reviews. But i was wanting to know if you have ever done a review on some called Sport Ear?

zone1hearing says:

Excellent video as always! These aids seem to tick nearly all the boxes. Cover a good range of hearing losses. Good feedback manager. Great streaming devices. Very flexible app. Shame rechargability & loop can’t be in the same device like the Unitron equivalent but definitely great devices & love the ease of the new programmer.

Weimware says:

Thanks for the great review. I have two questions. One, is the LiNX 3D the same as the Forte sold at Costco? Two, can I connect these hearing aids to any Bluetooth device without a secondary device? My TV and Mac both have Bluetooth that I can connect to using Bluetooth headphones and I want to replace my Bluetooth headphones with these hearing aids without having to buy another device.  Thanks for your help!

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