Nuheara IQBuds Review | Intelligent Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Dr. Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Arizona, reviews the Nuheara IQbuds wireless bluetooth earphones.

NuHeara IQbuds:

The days of earphones only doing one thing are coming to an end. And one of the companies leading the charge with these new innovative hearable devices is NuHeara. A hearable is an earpiece or ear-level device that can do more than just play music.
In 2016, NuHeara released their iQBuds which allow the user to listen to music, but also augment their listening environment by either blending music with the environment around them, and controlling environmental background noise while listening to speech.

The reason I wanted to review the NuHeara iQBuds is that individuals with mild cases of hearing loss have been using them to help improve their hearing, and as an Audiologist, this naturally peaks my curiosity.

The IQbuds app allows the user to toggle between 7 different environmental presets. You can also adjust how much real world volume you want, if you want the IQbuds to focus on speech, if you want to filter out more low or high frequencies, and adjust your personal profile to accommodate a hearing deficit.

I wanted to test these devices in two specific environments, the Gym and a Restaurant. If they could perform well there, they could perform well anywhere.

Lets talk about the gym. The gym preset was not to my liking because it let in too much surrounding sound. This would have been good if I wanted to talk to a workout partner, but I prefer to listen to music and lift. After adjusting the Real World Volume, the IQbuds worked great. They even stayed in my ears during my workout.

What about at a restaurant? I actually liked the restaurant preset. I also preferred hearing through the IQbuds vs. my own ears! They did however, become a little uncomfortable while eating, talking, and laughing.

As with any device that provides amplification, I wanted to see how well the amplification could match a mild hearing loss prescription. Overall, it wasn’t able to match a mild hearing loss prescription, but I believe the high-frequency amplification would be beneficial to an individual with a mild high-frequency hearing loss. The devices also remove a massive amount of background noise with it’s noise reduction capabilities. It did this even better than some hearing aids I’ve tested.

Overall, the IQbuds performed better than expected. I would highly recommend these wireless bluetooth earphones to someone who hates cords and wants to control how they hear their music and surroundings. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend these for individuals with hearing loss. Hearing aids still perform better head to head, but at such a low price point, it may be a good stepping stone if someone wasn’t ready for hearing aids.

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chuck4d says:

Great review, when do you anticipate reviewing the IQbuds Boost? I’m really looking forward to see that.

StopLossLOL says:

Hey Dr Olsen – love your videos! Have you ever looked at the newer HTC phones (from HTC 10 onwards) – they seem to have some kind of pure tone hearing test to create hearing profiles (equalizer settings) for different headphones and hearing ability. Would be very insightful to know if this would be beneficial for people with hearing loss or just a gimmick.

john lobo says:

your teeth is so big

Xander Ellingson says:

People actually live in Anthem? Huh. Interesting.

Ivne Haas says:

Can you compare The Dash Pro & IQBUDS BOOST?
Dash has been updated quite frequently, and the price difference is huge! $330 the first and $499 the latter.

Mark Robson says:

Awesome review Doc. Looking fwd to your review of iqbuds boost.

JeanneMarie68 says:

Excellent review, really like the analytical testing & graphs.
I ordered these through health insurance promotion.
I returned, as too bulky for my very small ears.
I am hoping when I return to audiologist in August
that my mild upper range loss qualifies for hearing aides.
TV (husband with diff. Range loss) & restaurant experiences very frustrating.
I’m awaiting your Bose Hearphones eval. although
I feel h.a. best approach in my age range.
Jeanne (retired RN, BSN)

J D Smith says:

“Conversate”? Never heard that before.


I have IQ buds and prefer my Sony 1000X ear buds.

Joe Podosky says:

It’s “converse” not conversate. No such word as conversate.

Ray Rocco says:

Are these better than hearing Aids ????

jeffery perkins says:

I’m looking for phone quality
When I make phone calls I get complaints from the other person that they can’t hear me or the background noise is irritating
Help with these?

Dan P says:

Hi there – curious about the microphone – does it have background noise cancelling to assist in noise cancelling during an actual phone call?

Emmanuel O Mango says:

Those shrill noises are annoying also can’ stand the silver. Play black lights free devices providing unobtrusive sound.

Jeahav Valentin says:

These Nuheara IQBuds make the power beats 3 look like a complete joke in comparison

Yngve O says:

Hi, great pro feedbacks! These hearables should compare to the Bragi products, and Bragi also brag about their hearing loss adapting capabilities. Have you had the chance to test the Dash Pro, and would you consider making a review about these HA?

Nathan Heffernan says:

Can I also use them as hearing protection on a construction site? Meaning that it’ll pick up someone yelling out measurements but cancel out a tool that’s over 80DB??? If these plugs do that I’m sold. I don’t want a 120DB grinder noise or power saw noise or rattle gun noise amplified in my ear haha

Stephanie Corral says:

Would I be able to use my FSA to pay for these?

Priyanga Karunathilake says:

Looking forward to your thoughts on the IQBuds Boost!

Gaye Irving says:

Great review – but best of all Dr Cliff Olson spoke so clearly. Even with his American accent I could hear and understand every word. I wish that everybody spoke this way. I do have and always wear hearing aids but on many occasions particularly in restaurants they are very unsatisfactory. I will go to my audiologist and discuss this product – they may be more useful on occasions than my hearing aids.

Carlos Benjamin says:

Are these the IQ Buds or the IQ Buds with Boost?

Ha! Never mind….

deafwing says:

Great review … Watch the feedback tho

Anthony Bray-Heta says:

How would these be for snowboarding?

Michael Parrott-MacLeod says:

Great review. Unrelated question: What bluetooth option would you use with a amplified stethoscope with an
audio output for headphones to a streamer? I’m a paramedic using RIC hearing aids.

Linda Booth says:

Great technical review, really interesting. I have a pair and find them great for noisy environments and listening to music at the same time. You really need spend a little time adjusting them to your own profile.

Geer Iseke says:

Any comment on how these IQbuds handle Or aid tinnittus?

Knightmare5.0 says:


Jewell Waldron says:

April 20, 2018 (Real World Experience)
Hey all I receive my earbuds from Amazon yesterday. Today I went to the grocery store just to try them out before going to the gym. Here is a real world view of these earbuds. In my opinion for $300 they are “NOT WORTH THE MONEY”. I never got a chance to experience the sound in different situations because after trying all of the different ear tips they kept falling out. If any company claims that their earbuds fits securely and do not fall out, they should back it with a guaranteed or replacement insurance for free.

Carlos Andrés Franco Q. says:

I am extremely disappointed with Nuheara and the IQ Buds:

1. They are not cheap, they cost AUD$400 and 2 days ago I received my IQ Buds only to realise that the right earbud did not work and in spite of the left one being all the time inside the case, its led light was all the time red as if it was discharged.
2. I think Nuheara either does not have a quality assurance process in place to identify defective products or it does not work properly. I don’t understand how this can happen and which is worse, how common the issue potentially is. I actually read a couple of reviews more on their website (out of almost 170 reviews) that described the same issue.
3. It is just so frustrating to realise that I wasted my time reading all the 167 reviews last week to notice that they only publish positive reviews and I guess, some random negative reviews. My negative review wasn’t published, which makes me think how many people more eventually have experienced the same issue.
4. The only thing that I have to acknowledge though is the willingness from their customer service team to help. They offered a replacement of the right earbud, however, as I described above, it is now difficult for me to rely on their products’ quality.

Rosemary Zraly says:

I tried original Nuheara and Nuheara Boost, did not see much difference but, returned as they kept falling out. They seem to be made for larger male ears.

Thorbre says:

I’m really unsure whether or not I should try these, or wait for my new hearing aids next year, which will have full BT-compatibility, as far as I’m aware (And about damn time too). I would really like to know what the volume is like though (Specifically while listening to music), because I like to play it somewhat (Not too) loud, and earbuds have a tendency to be too low volume-wise for me. The compromise I’m using now, is some fairly cheap earbuds connected to my phone via a Sound Blaster E3, but that means dragging along an extra unit. Hasn’t really been a problem, but something like this would be easier.

Ken Kinder says:

That’s for the helpful video, Cliff. It’s helpful to have someone who really knows what they’re talking about doing a video review, especially on a product like this where there’s not a ton of information.

Could you speak to whether there was a lag between video and sound when you’re watching a video on your phone? One of the criticisms I’ve read of Bose wireless earbuds is that there’s a time delay between the video on the screen and the sound in your ears, which can be off-putting. I’m wondering whether watching a movie on the IQBuds would have the same problem.

Also, if you manage to try these out on an airplane, I’d be curious to learn how well they perform in noise cancellation compared to a set of Bose noice-cancelling earbuds.

Thanks again for the informative video, it’s very helpful.

Byrne Torrea says:

Hi Dr Cliff. Im a fan of you. Do you have review for Merry products? Particularly Merry ME 300D concerto. Thanks

Anuradha Xz says:

Does it have quality “Bass” sound….?

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