Nuheara IQbuds Boost Review: Augmented Hearing Wireless Earbuds

The Nuheara IQbuds Boost are wireless earbuds that give you control over how you hear the world around you and auto-calibrates to match your unique hearing profile. Leo Laporte reviews on The New Screen Savers with Megan Morrone.

Nuheara IQbuds Intelligent Wireless Earbuds:

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Maurice Linker says:

I got the $299 version which I wore in the cinema
It suffers from whistling feedback noise – very embarrassing
I also bought the $499 version
The size of the buds make you conspicuous
The buds are not comfortable for wearing a long periods of time

Martin Lynch says:

I bought a pair of these because I suffer from the “Cocktail affect” which means I can hear a pin drop in a quiet room but as soon as there is any ambient noise (in a restaurant for example) I cannot focus on people sitting in front or around me at the table. These are very very good earbuds and at the price they sure should be but they did not work for me. The audio quality is superb for music but they are large and you look like you are wearing black ear rings poking out of your ears. The “world on” & “world off” will soon lose its appeal and your ears will also get tired of wearing them far quicker than full-on hearing aids. That said, my hearing aids cost me $5000 and they don’t do the job for me in a noisy environment either! The Bluetooth range is also truly shocking and unless you have the phone in your hand or pocket it will drop out. A known issue. In summary, nice but not worth the $500.

Thomas Braid says:

Buy them forget his negatives there is only feedback when the ear pods are not the correct size or too loose. Cupping your hand over the ear will cause a whistle feed back as a test for setting . That would be normal.

Rick Levitt says:

I own them and love them.
I’m deaf in one ear. The sound quality of the IQbuds Boost is much clearer than the IQbuds.
As far as the looks musicians wear buds all the time.
Once you go Bluetooth you will never go back.
I tried braggie before and lasted 2 days and broke.
Battery life is excellent!
I got low battery life once.
Your recommendation is suspect Leo.
I use my heart monitoring features on my iPhone,exercise etc.I don’t need duplicate stuff to make my life more complicated.
These have been a life changer for me.
The focus feature is a major improvement for noisey environments.
I have owned probably about 4 hearing products and this one is miles ahead.
People that don’t hear well are afraid to mention the fact
But there becomes a point where you say me too.
About 20% of the population have hearing issues.
Nuheara is the leader in this arena please support their innovative.
Done with my rant!

Peter J. van Haren says:

Great review, but why do you keep cutting her off when she speaks?

Priyanga Karunathilake says:

Great review of the IQBoost! But what’s with the recommendation at the end!

Hard Truth says:

I use enacfire futures and for $50 they are awesome. Of course they are not hearing aids. But if u don’t need hearing aides the enacfire futures are worth trying before spending so much on a pair of buds.

Media Acnt says:

Great info, thanks! What iPhone case is that btw?

Alan B says:

great review. Thanks.

Phillip Martin says:

not comparing like with like… ie hearing enhancement buds vs hearing aids but recommend Jabra makes NO sense

Fernando Novosad says:

I’m entirely deaf on the right ear so I’d be only wearing the left one! Are you able to control it with the left bud as well?

Jeahav Valentin says:

I swear these IQBuds and IQBuds Boost make the beats x and the power beats 3 look like a complete joke in comparison

Retro Pyro says:

Hell, for the price buy two sets and the battery is no longer a problem.

Chuck Dobbins says:

Where can I get that shirt? 🙂

Robert Drake says:

My 93 year old mother wouldn’t use those because they’re too damn big. She wants them to be invisible. Anyway, nice infomercial.

Wayne Black says:

From what I can find, these are great for people with mild to moderate hearing loss.
If your hearing loss is so great you have to turn up the volume, you’ll get feedback.
I decided to go with the Bose Hearphones since they have a longer battery life at 10 hours.

Plus, I don’t give a damn how I look as long as I can hear people in noisy bars and restaurants.

Ivne Haas says:

Can you compare The Dash Pro & IQBUDS BOOST?
Dash has been updated quite frequently, and the price difference is huge! $330 the first and $499 the latter.

Tom Williams says:

Darn it, Leo! If I’d seen this a month ago … Swapped $4500 aids for $600 ear amps. These look perfect for what I wanted and at $500 a bargain!

MQXO says:

First comment, second view

Chris Eckersen says:

I noticed my tablet version of spotify has an adaptive sound option, not the desktop or phone versions.

Sharyn Willis says:

Do they come in a beige skin colour, these look like something I may follow up if so. I don’t really want black ones in my ears with pale skin and grey hair

Hearing Tracker says:

Audiologist (hearing expert) Dr Cliff, AuD reviewed these here:

Randy Ford says:

I bought a pair of Boosts in August. I’m a musician that have a slight problem with ambient sounds which made it difficult to separate speech from the background. These buds added the highs in my right ear and separated the voice enough for me to distinguish voice from background noises. They’re great for my purposes and since my problem is slight they’re a cheaper alternative to hearing aids. And the music through these are great!!

Dennis Dowd says:

Hearing aids don’t repair the ear. Yeah, airpods by Apple are not innovative. They are designed to make everyone that wear look like idiots, which they actually are. I know in the medical field you can have eat pieces that are actually molded for each person’s ear canal. I can see this eventually happening for all of us. Great video and info.

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