In this week’s video, I am going to be talking about the Phonak Naida Link CROS. It is a wireless transmitter for unilateral cochlear implant users using either the Advanced Bionics Q90 or Q70 speech processors. The way it works, it picks up sound on the side wearing the CROS and transmits it wirelessly to the implant on the other side. That way, you are getting sound from both sides!

For someone to understand how I normally hear as someone who is only implanted on one side and completely deaf on the other, I would compare it to listening to music with earbuds, when one of them cuts off. You go from music in stereo to lopsided sound that is definitely lacking!

Without the CROS, this is how I always hear. With the CROS, I too get to experience sound from all sides. Thanks for watching!



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