How to Connect your Hearing Aids with Bluetooth Devices?

CASLPO Registered Audiologist and Audiology Manager, Tracy Saunders will show viewers how to pair their cell phone to their hearing aids. Pairing your hearing aids to your cell phone or TV will allow you to hear the sound streaming directly through your hearing aids. For cell phone users it will also allow calls to stream through your hearing devices. Visit for more hearing health information.
Hi, my name is Tracy Saunders and I’m an Audiologist with Hearing Solutions.

I’m registered with CASLPO, the College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario.


ReelX1 says:

I always have to giggle when I see an audioligist in a white doctors coat. Why do you keep hearing devices in the medical corner? it only makes a distance between customer and you. does not make you look smarter.

Henrik Smith-Meyer says:

Hi, and thanks for the video!  Do all hearing-aids have a bluetooth streamer-device?
If not, – which hearing-aids can connect directly to an iPhone, – without the need to carry a bluetooth-streamer around the neck?

John Yonnotti says:

Thank you,Tracy

AnnMichelle Dumais says:

I assume therefore that you buy the streamer for the name brand hearing aids that you have. which in my case is Oticon. It is very expensive to buy approximately $375 at this time. Then if you want a separate microphone to pair for business meetings etc that is an additional cost. There is no generic streamers that I am aware of that would work with all Bluetooth hearing aids. If there is such a device please let me know where I could get one.

Alicia Gavin says:

how do I know if steamer will work with the hearing aids I have?

Hearing Solutions says:

Transcripts need to be enabled, where you see the icon ‘cc’ in the lower right corner. You can also view transcripts here at this link: We apologize for any inconvenience.

MyIRisHFriend C says:

I was speaking to an Audiologist who is helping me get hearing aids hopefully. She mentioned i would get the best brand that have blue tooth. I guess that’s good. I guess i will know in a week.

Alex Muhammad patanchou says:

this vidéo is for hearing impaired person and you don’t use writing under the video ?

William Bartlett says:

If you’re hard of hearing written is better

Abby Echeverria says:

how do i know if my hearing aids its compatable with my device

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