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dave smith says:

Hi wes good luck with your hearing aids . Have been using them for years ! Old tractors cabs with no sound deadening probable cause my deafness . Had bloody expensive aids lost main one while cutting down some connifer trees. any way could no afford at that moment so tryed a usb rechargeable aid on eBay about £35 the thing was a bit bigger but worked better that the expensive one simply turn up the volume when needed .give one a try .at work I just turn it on when speaking to customers ect and if I lose it buy another! Regards farmer Dave

P.M. Laberge says:

This may be good for Theresa! She can talk and say anything, Privately!

J mew says:

so you can get away with not hearing tarica when you dont want to hear it lol

profnohair says:

Is that price per ear or for both? Mine were $4300 from Sam’s for both with a 4 year warranty. Not water proof though.

Bubba Beckett says:

I like the johndeer keys on the dash lol

Alvin Roundy says:

I’m going to need my hearing checked in the near future so good for you i hope things work out for the best

Chris Rowlison says:

yah I hear that, you always pay for the stupid stuff you did as a kid, I have to focus on what I hear to really hear it, I have trouble sifting through the noise to pick out what I need to hear and also have a bit of trouble hearing some things a bit, probly on the verge of some mild hearing loss

MJM’s Workshop says:

I have Meniere disease in my left ear and lost most of my hearing in my left year and will eventually probably loose all of it. Luckily my right ear is unaffected.

leo D l says:

I formyself I dint loss all my hearing but on my left hear can’t hear very well ,hope it will help you .

Yosef B Av says:

wow your hearing is pretty much finished. Sucks i was 26 when i was told i had hearing loss, and i ignored it. Now i’m 30 years old, and son of a **** one day i woke up to Tinnitus, and now i have hearing aids. 😀 . I’m in Israel learning so i don’t use them that often, but when i return in 5 months i plan to use them when i work.

Webstack2017 Webster says:

I have brill hearing but mum and my brother n dad all have bad hearing. Not good when mum has her tv so loud I just need mine low

VideosByAl says:

A 1972 Case 970 diesel did not do my hearing any good.

Turbo Diesel says:

For the record, I’m only 42. So I can totally relate to you Wes. Sucks.

D Hoop says:

I’m there with ya Wes. I’m 49 and need them as well. just been putting it off lol. oh the prices of getting old huh.

Juptak says:


crumb43 says:

My uncle always says hearing loss is God’s gift to the married man lol

jeremy campbell says:

Poor u better stick around someone might’ve stolled u’re junk

tim30409 says:

there is no better med. care then Costco. Why would you get Med. advice from a discount big box store???

SaltedBagel says:

Not hearing woman and children? bring it on lol………

fergie35X says:

Hi Wes, greetings from the UK and Happy New Year. I have exactly the same hearing problem as yourself and am now wearing hearing aids and have done for over a year. They have transformed my life and what’s more I cannot even feel them in my ears.
Not only do they help with my hearing but also they help hide my tinnitus that I have had for years.
Thank Goodness for our NHS over here !!!!

luke strawwalker says:

Mom always said Dad had selective hearing… turns out she was probably right! Women’s voices are higher pitched, so it turns out that hearing loss among farmers is typically in the higher ranges, so honestly we cannot hear higher pitched women’s voices as well as we can hear lower pitched voices (like other men)… and we can’t hear kids as well either…

Course not being able to hear women drone on about fluff isn’t necessarily a bad thing LOL:) Maybe that’s God’s way of helping us poor guys out somewhat…

Dad grew up operating Ford NAA and Jubilee tractors, pulling balers with the 4 cylinder Wisconsin engines on them, old Farmalls and Deere tricycle tractors, etc… then open station diesel Fords and a David Brown Case… and of course cotton pickers…

I know I have hearing loss; I have to cup my hand to hear a lot of things at times and I typically have the TV set to about 30-40 on the volume where Betty and Keira typically prefer 20-25 for the volume… and on certain shows (like Vikings) where they talk quietly or with a strong accent at times, I turn on the captions so I can understand what they’re saying… Oh well… but I’m not getting hearing aids, not til I’m on a walker (if I last that long) anyway…

Later! OL J R 🙂

Bones Stitch says:

My son has worn hearing aids since he was 6 mos old. Go to Westone.com and take a look at eargear. As much up and down and around you do, these have a lanyard to prevent loss and also assist in keeping them dry by wicking away sweat and moisture. FYI

MukyMik says:

Coo a built in nag-filter!! what has caused your hearing loss? farm environment?

ruger farming says:

I bought fireproof gunsafes from Costco didn’t knew they even sold stuff like that

bill smith says:

Never saw plow trucks go that slow around here. You move out of the way

darthvader4hire says:

what i see, ( i get those 2x year) you cant hear a tire leak but the tractor missifre and Terse (spelling) you can hear. people speak well below your loss of hearing. i promise you are able to hear your son and GF…..beyond that unless you are DJ you dont really need the super high frequencies.

Turbo Diesel says:

I’ve suffered hearing loss in my left ear. Caused by year of working in auto and diesel shops, as well as farming and other noisy tasks. Pisses me off, because the most obvious time when I believe the major deafness and damage occurred was when I worked around a very noisy (and slowly failing) air compressor at a golf course over a 5 year stint. I kept begging my loser boss for years to do something about it, but he didn’t care because it didn’t affect him since he wasn’t in the shop 99% of the time like I was. Fuckin’ dick. I would have quit that job sooner, but you know how it is, gotta put food on the table.

Peter IJmker says:

So stay away from women…..

Brian Sparks says:

Wes, you’re on your phone all the time…the aids mess with cellphone sound and signal. Although new smartphones now have a hearing aid setting in handicap/accessibility menu.

Michael Scott says:

Wes, as such my dad has wore hearing aids for at least 25 years, since he was about 40. His hearing is really bad and he would be deaf without them, I mean you have to shout at him really loud. You cannt see them they are so small, you get used to them, just keep spare batteries in the pickup and the tractor. I know you don’t want to hear this, but it’s years of loud machinary, chain saw,s etc.

Jerrod Keim says:

I’m Deaf, use left BTE hearing aid, none on my right which is 110 dB loss and my left is 90 dB loss. With the aided on left brings me to 20 dB to hear your voices on YouTube w my ear phone using t coil.. I understand fully what u are talking about rhetoric audiogram

The_Burchfield says:

Damnit Wes didn’t your mother tell you not to have phone sex. Shit gives you hearing aids

mymy1926 says:

I’m a Dr and can sell exactly same devices for 1500$ each. Don’t pay huge money!!!!!Nebraska Hearing Clinic Inc. 888-979-8898

Dave Dunn says:

Come to think of it you have a iPhone. How do you hear? I can’t hear mine in equipment and I have good hearing.

Jaime Cunningham says:

Well I turned 40 last April and just recently got my first pair of glasses, and I love them because for me im near sighted so most of the time im completely fine without glasses except for reading the tv guide on tv and at night I really love my glasses for driving because for the last year or two it always seemed like everyone was driving with their high beams on and that really was a pain. Anyway im thankful my hearing is great witch I attribute to always waring my peltor headphones working all day with loud equipment so thankfully I made that investment years ago because damn I cant believe how much hearing aids cost but at least it sounds like your getting a pretty good deal at least.

leahcimrac ztirom says:

lol ,if you cant hear what most females say i see no loss lol .

jeremy campbell says:

Is there nothing u wount bitch about to much salt no on clear road your a pill

Brian 3 says:

Im deaf in my left ear started in 2001 cant hear anything now but a riging that drives me nuts and it feels full all the time but you learn to live with it… now a hearing aid wont help me except a surgery to put some device in my head and i said no thanks. My last hearing test she came in and said you dont hear anything? I said i didnt even know we started yet. I wish i never listen to loud music all my young life and used yard equipment without hearing protection. Now i avoid groups cuz I can’t follow or hear the conversation

Colin Wonham says:

I have the same problem with my hearing. Too much noise from tractor’s. Do you suffer from Tinnitus??? You should still consider hearing protection when on the tractor all day, to help you save what hearing you have left. Tinnitus can drive you mad.

jeremy campbell says:

Poor kids en girlfriend

Jasonsenipor says:

4 plowing trucks doing the work of 1.
Only in America.

JP Hickory says:

I need them too. Let us know how you like them. Thanks

Thor The Northern says:

Think: Do you really need to hear womens frequencies?

Silent Death says:

You should have an MRI done I have the same problem and they did an MRI and the bone that connects the ear drum to the inner ear has deteriorated they will have to do surgery to put in a prosthetic but when they said drill a hole in my head I said hell no that just sounds too painful. I went to ears nose and throat specialist.

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