Hearing Aid Review – TV Ears wireless headphones

http://www.fidelityhearingcenter.com | A feature review of TV Ears assistive listening device by Dr. David DeKriek from Fidelity Hearing Aid Center in Cerritos.

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Elizabeth Spaulding says:

Been using these for 3 years. Saved my marriage. My husband is deaf. He uses these absolutely every day. They also make an over the head headphone that gets the signal. He loves them. If I want to watch a show with him, I use my own set of tv ears (like the guy showed in this video). Best invention yet. They have all models and they all work the same way. Great demonstration by the way. One thing though. Try getting a deaf 80 year old to hook this up. Never work. They will need someone to do it for them. It’s easier when you are a younger person but older people are very stubborn. They just won’t do it.

FidelityHearing says:

Richie, TV Ears come with a 12 month warranty. TV Ears will repair or replace them under warranty. The most common problem I’ve seen is the batteries not holding a charge after they are a couple of years old. A replacement battery is about $20 and usually solves the problem.


Harold Lewis says:

Hey, this clown does not look like any Doctor I ever saw. This clown is a fake, Harold

kathy zamora says:

this is great cuz now i can listen loudly to the tv so i wont hear my family talk

Richie wysel says:

Yeh, but they don’t last long. I had 3 and they all died

daddidan1 says:

Have had them 8 months and they aren’t as comfortable as they ought to be. And they need to fit in exactly the proper position in your ear in order to hear. The slightest movement of your head and they have to be repositioned.

But the biggest problem looks like it’s going to be batteries. My battery will no longer hold more than a 2 hr charge and it’s only 8 months old. And replacements are outrageous at $25 a pop plus shipping.

Richie wysel says:

Not the problem. Base transmitter died (3 of them in less than 2 yrs) and replacement batteries are now $24.95 plus shipping. Product works fine but their quality control stinks as these receivers should last at least a few years.

equanox100 says:

i want to invent wireless headphones that look like hearing aids. lol im serious. for work, or atleast something i can wear and listen to music but no one see it in my ears. workin 12 hour shifts would be better with music ya know.

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