Eargo Plus Online Invisible Hearing Aid Review – 7 Pros and Cons

Dr. Clifford Olson from Applied Hearing Solutions in Anthem Arizona, discusses the Pros and Cons of Eargo Plus Online Invisible Hearing Aids in this Pro Review.



Archer C says:

Please Dr. Turn down your dental brightness. It’s blinding.

Abdul sheikh says:

Excellent Review !, there is alot of echo when you use telephone handset, you can’t talk as echo is very high. Other than that, it seems to be good pair. 2nd thing is when you charge them you don’t see if the charging is really charging it,. I found it next morning that it was not charged. other time, i found that after 3 hours, one side battery was dead.

Jim Cole says:

$2000 for such a poor real ear response? For $2000, I can get my patients much better results with real hearing aids, fit by a licensed audiologist, based on real diagnostic testing, with consistent follow-up after care and a 3 year warranty.

cut says:

Thanks for the review! I guess I’ll go back to my audiologist. I have high freq loss in my right, due to working in a loud furniture shop and shooting guns as a kid in the 70’s without hearing protection. Advice?

Steve Eagon says:

Thanks for the review, Clifford. I appreciate the objectivity. As Eargo’s Head of Sales Operations and an audiologist, I’d like to clarify your comments when you discuss the 1 year repair warranty. We do exchange just one device if outside of the warranty period for a pro-rated fee depending on the age of the device. If indeed outside of the warranty period, you do NOT have to purchase a full new system. In addition, we do offer incentives for people to purchase the latest generation of Eargo that is available in an effort to keep people using the product. As far as the custom programmable comments and Real Ear Measurement data you show, we know that when dealing with a very subjective experience like hearing loss, the truest test comes when the client uses any hearing aid in their everyday environments over a period of time. As you point out, our clients are coached and guided through their 45-day trial period by a hearing professional to have the best experience. If not satisfied, that person is able to return their devices for a full refund.

Hearing Tracker says:

Great review Cliff. We have shared your video on our Eargo Plus review page, accessible here: https://www.hearingtracker.com/over-the-counter-hearing-aids/eargo-plus

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