DIY Low Cost Stereo Hearing Aid | Hearing Amplifier

A complete Electronic & 3D print project, features schematic, Blender render, 3D printer in action, PCB fabrication, project assembly, and final demo.


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Nilanjan Roy says:

hellow dear i build this circuit but its gain & sound delivery is very very low , that is why its cant hearable to less hering person i needs more powerful like company have micro types , i test your circuit over a elderly people and he cant hear …………

V.A.M. INDUSTRY vallisab says:

Hello sir..,can u and me circuit diagram of this circuit..plzz.

Arshdeep Maan says:

Hlo sir …can u plzz. Give volt of 10uF capacitor u used

lprkon72 says:

This is more about a 3d printer than a circuit build

Jitendra Ghatol says:

it’s work

Maddox Harper says:

He says low cost but he is using a 3D printer.

recmy1982 says:

Tons of HISS

Karl Philipp Fabre says:

Is the output in ac or still in dc ?

Ted Mieske says:

What OpAmp are you using?

i thirzty says:

1:19 , your cat die in live…

aqnatoh says:

Hej! Where can i get the schematic diagram and the materials/components used in the project? Thank you very much!

vishal godumala says:

Will you list the components used in the circuit

Nilanjan Roy says:

please give me circuit sir in this video circuit is not clearly shown here

Nabeel Matar says:

Hopefully you can clarify the chart with the material numbers mentioned frankly is unclear. Thanks for your efforts

ms3bani says:

printrbot simple metal. good choice.

منوعات BOB says:

wat Nam program

Nilanjan Roy says:

how loud it is ??????????? is it like company product ??????????? and please upload the circuit diagram copy as a image

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