Amy hears sound for the first time @ 26 years old

Takes a few minutes but worth the experience. Our niece has been deaf since she was born. She has never heard the sound of her parents voice or her 6 year old son, Blake. Every day for the next several months she will learn how sound works and where it comes from.
Update: thank you to everyone that appreciates and feels what a beautiful time this was and continues to be for Amy and our families. She is continuing her hard work of speech and sound therapy to distinguish what sound is. Her pronunciation has improved vastly and she can hear words and especially music! Naturally, after a lifetime of lip reading and signing, it is still necessary for her to rely on that skill to have conversation in a group. Every day is new and sometimes an exhausting experience. She loves the challenge to improve yet more and she is a joy to be around. By the way, Amy has a high school diploma and college degree! This girl never let anything get in her way to be her best!
Please don’t post ugly or inappropriate comments, we love her very much and if you can’t be supportive than keep your twisted thoughts and words to yourself.


s bright says:

As soon as she regains her hearing she’s dumping that guy

Philip Cronin says:

Kudos !!!

Tackz One says:

I cried.

Max Andersen says:

That’s beautiful

Roger Green says:

Wonderful tale, made slightly hilarious by someone telling a kid to shut up at 2:33.

Kim LeBlanc says:

Love it that is so cool so happy for this woman. the things we take for granted I tell ya.also if you wanna see something cool like this look up color blind man sees colors for the first time it’s so bad ass

Bubba says:

She’s hot!

Andrew k Adams says:

Outstanding… I wonder if deaf people that go through this procedure get a headache from getting bombarded with different sounds? Seems like it’d be sensory overload… till they get used to it.

geebee636 says:

Can’t understand some people would thumbs-down this kind of video

Matt R says:

Finally a mute I’d fuck. She has a kid though, damn. Nevermind.

theBbOoSsSs says:

Great she will love my music when it gets released

MGTOW- Kim Jong Un says:

Why the hell she is crying. I’ll nuke her.

JD Barr says:

This is heart warming.

Phong Nguyen says:

I cried for you too.

Scott kosatka says:


Arrived says:

A perfect wife is a silent wife.

Dangerfinder treasureseeker says:

Those first days of sound will be amazing , very happy for her and her family.

AverageJoe Joe says:

She needed a big hug for sure while she was in that office.

Robert Taylor says:

that’s nice

T Meo says:

Any new updates to her progress? Technology?

sean peterson says:


steve cotterell says:

What kinda moron give a thumbs down

Ryan Thomas says:

These videos make me so happy for these ppl. I couldn’t imagine how awesome it must be for her.

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