AirPods Live Listen: Hearing Aid or Spy Tool?

Apple in iOS 12 introduced a new Live Listen feature that’s designed to turn the iPhone into a remote microphone for the AirPods. Live Listen has been around for years for MFi-compatible hearing aids, but it’s only with the addition of AirPods support that it became available for general iOS users. Check out how to use it in this video!

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John L says:


Mike Mckeon says:

I will be using this exclusively for sinister purposes

David Guymon says:

I’m gonna use it for what it was intended for….. SPYING!!!!

Joel says:

It’s a cool feature. I haven’t used it yet because I don’t have Airpods. It’s like a baby monitor but more compact and unnoticeable. Same kinda thing goes for the Apple Watch. You can use the camera app on the watch to spy too. Not really sure of the practical use of the watch feature, but it’s still a cool feature. Either way it’s cool and can’t wait to try it on Airpods.

King-kold187 says:

All of our devices are always looking and listening. Registering our pulse (watch), body temperature. Facial reactions while watching or reading content. Register our voices while talking to automated operators on the phone…..

AMA says:

How is this any different from having your phone recording audio in a room with a private conversation.

Allan Sh says:

spy tool for sure

Co Co says:

Oh geez, stop with the clickbait. This is NOT a spy tool. This has Buzzfeed BS written all over it. Smh.

Maxwell Cohen says:

Could you please let me know who makes the skin that is on your AirPods? I’m loving the orange!

WolfRathmA says:

I will use it on my boss office and when i have something to blackmail him i will use it to get raise. LOL

Cristian Eugen says:

Can someone share that wallpaper?

Harvey Specter says:

I like your wallpaper 🙂
The feature is very cool, I don’t use it but it is helpful!

Nick Painter says:

Can you please find out if you can use live listening on android

Nicklas Fox says:

Wait you still use Newton mail?

M Ware says:

Hey where did you get this skin for your headphones are they skins or silicone?

QuadRiderHonda says:

Wallpaper please????


Great use of available resources

Kristoffer Selvig says:

Dan is the man!

Owen Lewis says:

lol yall can spy on the girlfriend/boyfriend now

Talha Khalid says:

does it actually use with Headphones?

Bu Hamad says:

nice video and quality

WOLF 1098765433 says:

You can use other wireless ear buds

Props And Wheels RC says:

Its a cool feature, no matter what.

Denis Kugappi says:

Can you please share with us which is that orange skin on the AirPods + case? It looks rad.

Scott Warr says:

Is there a way to use other bluetooth headphones with this feature?

Houston Attakai says:

Why is this in my recommendation

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Santino says:

HEY, Dan we have the same last name lol spelled the exact same way

Travis M says:

Where is his neck?

Michelle Rivera says:

This can be done using any pair of wireless head phones

tobby12347 says:

Despite the title, you did not delve into how Live Listen could be used as a tool for spying… you just cited a reddit post that isn’t even linked in the description. I’m an enormous fan of MacRumors, but I’m very disappointed in the clickbaityness of this video.

eksmad says:

Why are you reporting on this feature NOW? There was a time when macrumors was up to date..

Gokki says:

Clickbait title. boo

Randomly Editswithcam says:

I don’t want apple to remove the feature

Celtic Tech, The Tree Of Life says:

I really love this feature. I use it to hear better, but I see why others would use it to spy.

G00GLE SucksAtPrivacy says:

I can’t believe that so many people are making such a big deal out of a accessibility feature! Are any of you that are making a mountain out of a molehill hearing impaired? I am and you should learn how many of today’s hearing aids have similar features! Grow up.

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