What is an Induction Loop System? ( AFILS )

An Induction Loop System, ‘Audio Frequency Induction Loop System’ or ‘AFILS’ is an audio technology device used to support assistive hearing for people who are hard of hearing and use a hearing aid.

Avialbale as stand alone, portable or installed systems, the Induction Loop System connects to a sound system or audio source (such as a microphone, PA / AV system, television for example) and transmits a wireless signal which can be received by the hearing aid.

In both commercial and residential applications, this allows the user to hear much more effectively. For instance in churches, classrooms and meeting rooms, the speaker’s or presenter’s voice can be transmitted from a microphone, via an AFILS to be received by the wearer’s hearing aid.
In banks, retail and ticket offices, you will often see the AFILS sign displayed at the couter to indicate that an induction loop system is available.
In the home environment, AFILS are often used to allow someone with a hearing aid to hear the television more effectively, without having to increase the TV’s volume which might disturb other people in the house or neighouring residences.

For more information on specifying the right Induction Loop System for your application,
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Insight Curiosity. says:

if there is no loop system installed in the area than what happens?

Scott Peyton says:

if you can connect to the audio out from the tv, it will work with any source

Anthony Wright says:

TV loop system is brill , but it will not work using my dvd. any ideas?

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