The IMPOSSIBLE Hearing Aid Question | Phonak Audeo Marvel vs. ReSound LiNX Quattro

The IMPOSSIBLE Hearing Aid Question | Phonak Marvel vs. ReSound Quattro. Dr. Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Anthem Arizona, discusses the one question that is impossible to answer.


There is one type of question that I find nearly impossible to answer when asked on this channel.

Here is an example: “I will be getting my first pair of hearing aids this year. Which would you recommend between Phonak Audeo M and Resound LiNX Quattro 9? I use an iPhone XR so android streaming is not an issue. My hearing loss is moderate. I also have no issues with dexterity.”

While this is a TERRIFIC question, it is impossible to answer a question like this without more information. There are a variety of factors that go into deciding which hearing aids are best for you.

Here are a few examples:

1. What are the specifics of your audiogram? Without knowing your exact thresholds, it is impossible to recommend the perfect hearing aid to treat your hearing loss. Without knowing this information, i can’t determine the style, power level, or technology level that you should be using. Not to mention, if you need a custom ear mold, there are some manufacturers that do this better than others.

2. What is your Speech in Noise Score? Your Speech in Noise score will indicate how well you should expect to perform with hearing aids in a noisy situation. If you score poorly, you need to make sure you have a device that can help you more in a noisy situation. This includes access to wireless accessories like a remote microphone or FM system.

3. What about your Lifestyle? If you are an active individual you may need a device with different features like a Telecoil. A telecoil has the ability to tap directly into an induction loop at a theater or conference center to allow for direct access to the sound board to provide better hearing in these environments.

4. What about App requirements? If you are the type of person who likes to make adjustments to your own devices, you need a hearing aid with a app that can do this.

5. How much experience does your hearing care provider has with each brand? If you go to a primarily ReSound provider, I would probably recommend you get a ReSound hearing aid due to their familiarity with the product. If you go to a primarily Phonak provider, you should probably get a Phonak hearing aid. However, if your ReSound or Phonak provider doesn’t do Real Ear Measurement, I would probably recommend you go with whatever brand that is recommended by one that does. If you don’t know what Real Ear Measures are check out this video:

If you are going to spend good money on hearing aids you need to make sure that ever little aspect of your hearing loss and lifestyle are examined with a magnifying glass to ensure that you are getting the right devices and treatment.

I’m happy to answer whatever questions are left in the comment section of my videos, but unless I have the opportunity to review your full case, I can’t possibly answer the question of which hearing aid is best for you.


Milledge Hart says:

Thank you for providing information to those of us who have hearing issues. I am deaf in one ear and I am excited about BICROS technology. Which companies provide BICROS hearing aids? Also what other new technologies are available for people who can only hear out of one ear? The provider that my insurance company uses does not appear to support BICROS hearing aids so I want to get as much information as I can so that I won’t be sold something that doesn’t meet my needs.

psusarahkate says:

I find the Opn to be superior in background noise

psusarahkate says:

That’s tough to answer. Everyone does differently with different brands. And some audiologists have more expertise with one brand over another.

Narendra Singh says:

Thank you for video. It depends on various factors to decide which is better for you as you have said. I tired resound Quttrro 7 one week and in background i couldn’t hear clear most of the time. Than tried phonek marvel MR 70 they are good but not best and i bought them now.

But video should also enlight the features of those 2 devices technology like Resound Quattro vs. Phonek marvel.
I still want to know which one is better in terms of what they are delivering today in context of technology, noise cancellation, sound clarity etc.

Please make such a video.

Ron S says:

Your video is spot on and I have tried both. One thing I know for sure is programing is key and many are not up to the task. I went with the Phonak Audeo Marvel I have severe tinnitus with constant migraine moderate high freq R ear hearing loss. I’m not an iPhone fan but both had functional programing on android. The resound didn’t match my tinnitus. Phonak quieted it and the app streaming is a life saver on extreme days. Phonak Audeo Marvel is very versatile and the streaming quality is great for , music , sound apps , phone calls, and TV. Models below the marvel don’t have as much adjustivity for my liking and tinnitus level of sound seemed harder to include. I really hope the remote programing is up soon. To be honest , I had to force my audiologist to call Phonak. Phonak tech support can be like an insurance company or aces and on top of it. (Hit And Miss) Several calls till hit the golden child.  
I really think these companies should have better training on software. Thank you for what you do and provide.

John says:

Hearing speech in background noise is my greatest challenge. My audiologist prescribed my hearing aids in  an absolutely silent office.  I paid nearly $4,000 for hearing aids which I seldom use.  I wish I had the information that you provide, four years ago when I purchased my hearing aids.Based upon one of your other videos I have ordered a Bose Hearphone to see how it performs.  For low background noise conditions I find my Pocket Talker with straight analog amplification better than my digital hearing aids, but it does not have a noise suppression feature. The Bose Hearphones do and I’m looking forward to trying them out. Thank you so much for the information you provide.

FlatFive says:

Excellent video…so glad I found your channel…very informative. I have a very caring Audiologist for the past 10+ years and he absolutely tries everything he can to help me with my 40% hearing loss. I’m on my second set of Phonak…the first pair (2007)had a remote but no BT capabilities but the second set had a medallion (Com Pilot) I can use for BT iPhone connection, TV, or in my case w/ a Sennheiser USB dongle to be able to work and take customer service calls for my job. I am a musician and struggle to play these days not so much due to my hearing loss but to the fact my aids shut down when they get damp from perspiration. I guess my question is would an in-ear aid work better? Background noise is also a big problem for me…in all situations. Btw I am 63

ALaughaday1 says:

I am totally deaf in my left ear do to surgery to remove an acoustic neuroma followed by another surgery to repair a CSF leak caused by the original surgery. For the CSF repair surgery, the Otolaryngologist removed my mastoid bone and all of the bones within the left ear to get to the leak. He then filled up the area with a bit of fat removed my belly and sealed up the ear canal. I have been using BICROS Phonak 90 (with the Phonak Beyond in my good ear). They work well and my new audiologist has adjusted them perfectly to fit my needs. Now that my left ear is healed from the Dec. 2018 CSF repair surgery, I have to go back this week to have the BICROS (left ear) refitted (and rigged) to stay in my ear now that I no longer have an ear canal for the dome to fit into., My question is: Do you see any new technology coming out regarding one sided hearing? We seem to be so limited in our hearing device choices compared to double sided hearing loss patients. I would love for Phonak to come out new for us—something with streaming technology and the ability to fool around with settings in different environments using our smartphones (without the need to buy extra equipment to do so). Have you heard any whispers about future CROS/BICROS devices? Thank you.

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