The 7 things you must know before buying hearing aids online – Applied Hearing Solutions

Dr. Clifford R. Olson of Applied Hearing Solutions discusses the 7 things you must know before buying hearing aids online.

1. Prices can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.
2. You may have problems with getting them to fit right.
3. You may have to pay extra to get the programmed right
4. Go with the name brands
5. Look out for Maintenance and Repairs
6. You need a legitimate heairng test
7. Actual savings may vary


Bill Smith says:

Doc, you are right about buying on line, today.  However; it is the future, you and your colleagues need to sign up and join the future and learn how to make money in the new environment.  The manufacturers are designing the new hearing aids to be sold online.  The devices can be setup initially from your hearing test, and then customized by direct communication with the audiologists at the online provider.  The new devices are made to be serviced by the consumer.  The devices can be controlled by the consumers’ smart phones and diagnostics will be included in the smart phone apps.  Its a changing industry and more to come in the near future.

zlac says:

few hundred to few thousand?
What about the ones from deal extreme for 5$? Now were talking price differences between x100 and x1000, for that money it should have siri, alexa and cortana installed and free flat rate internet…
You get the ones with rechargeable battery for 20$ while my mother-in-law has high quality name brand that cost almost 1000$, paying for expensive batteries and she still can’t hear that much better…

I know that 5$ and 10$ ones are total crap, just like normal headphones that cost 2-5$ are total crap, however, I have 50$ headphones that are just amazing, it’s “just” x10 cost. Why do “brand names” for this cost between x100 and x1000… it just don’t make any sense, it’s a money grab if you ask me.

BT 5125 says:

Would you do a video on Costco brands such as Bernafon’s Zerena’s? Who makes them anyway?

jim brunett says:

My dad is a vet with severe hear loss. The VA he goes to tried to fit him for hearing aids but he complains of that high pitched ringing. I assume the aids are not fitting him well or they are generic. He lives in Palm Springs, can you recommend a specialist there?

Casey Cross says:

So my mom has hearing aid and it was expensive, like several thousand about 6 years ago. She has never really liked it. She doesn’t think that it has ever been adjusted correct. She doesn’t like going to deal with it any more. I’m wanting to try something online to give her some hope…… is this a bad idea?

Nena Acosta says:

I have one small hearing aid the best,I hear to many noises aroun me, and voices cracking,what to do

Ozzie Lomeli says:

have you heard of I was considering buying the Bicros hearing aids from them but now I’m hesitant after listening to your video.

Rick Wolf says:

Hi. Any comments on Hi Health Innovations hearing aids? Thank you.

Insight Curiosity. says:

i have one question i recently bought phonak hearing aid as i have lost hearing on my right ear and my audiologist has fixed the hearing aids on both ears how come that i can hear loud sound on my right ear is this normal and it will adjusted as i get used to it on both ears.
i know how to adjust increase and decrease volume.
Thanks for your advise and went and bought “phonak” and i am very happy.
my follow up appointment is coming on two week’s time.

Annalise Parent says:

My husband tried hearing aids but he complained that they did not make the sound clear they just amplified the sound. He is a musician should he have a specific hearing aid?

MrJihadkoplo says:

wow u teeth are so tight

Sherry Thomet says:

Hi, Dr Olson….I am turning 75 in March and just recently went to an audiologist for the first time….difficulty understanding conversations, my grand children, etc. Tested and have high frequency loss (almost identical) in both ears….I was fitted with a pair of Phonak Advanced aids to try for 3 weeks (even though I told the audiologist there was no way I could afford the $4300 for the pair). It was a remarkable 3 weeks for me able to hear so many things again that when I had to take the aids back, I went out to the parking lot, sat in my old vehicle and cried. Shocked myself. Had no idea I would become so emotionally attached to them in such a short time. Long story short, I began researching on line to see if there might be any alternative aids out there that I could afford. That’s how I landed on your site. Very professional, very informative, and me even sadder that with maintenance, etc., and quality….it would appear I’m up that creek without that paddle. Oh, well…..will try and keep my sense of humor……any suggestions, Dr. Olson??? I do have printed copy of my tests. Thanking you in advance…….Sincerely, Sherry

Rio PioDog says:

GREAT video to help us understand more about the land of heating aids! THANK YOU! I personally appreciate your notes!

Milton Grammer says:

” Buy a name brand”
Horseshit to the nth’ degree!

Aryan Upadhyay says:

Thanks for Understands.

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