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Dr. Cliff Olson, Audiologist in Anthem Arizona, reviews the ReSound Multi-Mic, the Swiss Army Knife of Remote Microphones.

My Clinic Website:

The Resound Multi-Mic Remote Microphone is one of the most versatile Assistive Listening Devices on the market. Not only does the ReSound Multi-mic function as a Remote Microphone, it can also be used to stream audio from devices with a headphone jack, tele-loop, or FM system. It is an incredibly sleek device that works incredibly well.


Filipe Trindade says:

Boa tarde , gostei o seu video , quanto custa neste multi mic resound?

Fawwaz Zukafli says:

im wondering how far this multi mic can stream to the hearing aid? Is it the distance not much difference with FM system?

Zvi Ever says:

Can I use two Multi-Mics for a long table of friends so I can hear the far side of the people around the table?

Harvey Riff says:

As a clarification, it’s streaming my desk top VOIP phone to the Multi-Mic.

Robert V. Whitney says:

Cliff – You are the real deal – thanks for your clarity and expertise. I have a Resound Cala hearing aid – (Costco Branded Resound device) purchased last year. I have the Resound iPhone app which works very well. I just bought the Resound Multi Mike you demonstrated here. Is there a conflict between pairing the hearing aid to the iPhone – and also using the MultiMike. The MultiMike seems perfect for my hearing aid use, but I don’t want to lose any of the iPhone features – like streaming my phone calls and internet Podcasts (like Fresh Air) – or – lose the volume/treble adjustments from the iPhone ReSound app. I’d hate to lose the finder app which has saved my life a couple of times. Can I have all of the features and advantages without a bunch of resetting – or making more operational adjustments.( Heaven knows there are enough of those.) Will be very happy to get your advice. Thanks.

Stanislaus Ting says:

Can Resounds multi-Mic pair with Oticon OPN 1?

Susan Chorost says:

How well does Resound’s multi mic work with Phonak’s roger X? I also understand that the multi mic is identical to Cochlear’s mini mic 2+. Do you agree?

Stanislaus Ting says:

Resounds Multi-Mic vs. Clearsounds Quattro BT external microphone: Which one is better?

Harvey Riff says:

I want to use the Multi-Mic to steam my phone calls directly to my ReSound hearing aids. You said the Multi-Mic is a a one-way device that has an 80 foot range. If I want to talk on the phone, would I still have to use my wireless headset, and would that compete with the streaming of my calls to my hearing aids.

Christine Wiedmeyer says:

Hi I am an educational audiologist and I have a few older students now using the Multi Mic with their Resound hearing aids. I have to say the kids love that this mic is so much smaller, lighter and more discreet than an FM microphone, plus they don’t need FM receivers attached to their hearing aids. I really like the device and the good battery life while streaming, as you mentioned. The only down sides, and maybe this is more for students in a school setting, is the mic clip has broken off on 2-3 devices within a few months. Resound is great about fixing or replacing them quickly though. Also, some students aren’t as good about recognizing when they need to activate streaming to their aids, but this is usually a skill that comes with age/maturity. Otherwise, I love it. The signal seems very stable up to the 70-80 feet range.

Dustin Sanders says:

Does it cancel out the background noise when using the headphone jack?

Caroline Sturgess says:

Would this plug into my phone and act as the antenna so I can listen to FM radio from my phone? I love all the other aspects of it but that would be the most important for me as I listen to the radio from my phone quite a lot but have to remove my hearing aids to do so.

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