Phonak Audeo M (Marvel) Bluetooth Hearing Aid Review | Made for Android & iPhone

Audeo M (Marvel) Bluetooth Hearing Aid Review | Made for Android & iPhone. Dr. Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Anthem Arizona, reviews the NEW Phonak Audeo Marvel hearing Aid.


Apparently, Phonak has been lying in the weeds because they just announced the release of their newest hearing aid the, The Audeo Marvel, other wise known as the Audeo M hearing aid. Which will be available on November 30th.

The Audeo M will have an impressive lineup which includes a Size 312 disposable battery version, Lithium Rechargeable, Size 312 battery with Telecoil, Size 13 battery with Telecoil, and Lithium Rechargeable with Telecoil.

New Audeo M Features:

1. Connectivity – These devices will connect with any Bluetooth device including Apple, Android, brick phones, or anything else you can think of. This is because it uses Bluetooth Classic not Bluetooth Low Energy.

They also fixed the major flaw with the Audeo B-Direct. It can stream phone calls to both ears, and it can even use the microphones on the hearing aids to send your voice to the caller. This means you can walk away from the phone and still have a clear conversation. You can even answer, hang-up, or reject a phone call with the hearing aids themselves.

When I say you can stream to both ears, I mean anything from phone calls, music, podcasts, audiobooks, YouTube videos, and even the Television.

They also have a Roger receiver built into the devices which is comical since the devices are so small. If you don’t know what an integrated receiver is, it is how you connect to a Roger device. If you don’t know what a Roger device is, you need to Google it because they can help you hear significantly better in background noise.

2. Rechargeability – The Audeo MR and M RT gives you 24 hours of battery life. This drops to 16 hours of life if you stream 4 hours per day. They also have a new mini charger with a lid and will use the same charger as the Audeo BR devices. However, these devices will turn on immediately after removing them from the charger case which is a major improvement.

3. The Audeo M will also have access to Several Different Apps including:

The Remote App will control Program and volume changes, allow you to adjust the environmental balance when streaming, and give you battery readout for rechargeable models.

The myPhonak App will give you access to a patient portal for eSolutions. This will contain a hearing diary, and access to Remote Support with your hearing care professional.

The Call to Text feature will turn your smartphone into a captioned telephone so you can read conversations as you hear them.

The Tinnitus app will let you control tinnitus masking sounds as well.

4. Binaural VoiceStream Technology – This is great news for Phonak and their users. This allows for features like StereoZoom and Speech in Loud Noise programs in their devices. Phonak claims that the StereoZoom feature alone improves speech understanding in background noise by 60%.

5. New AutoSenseOS 3.0
If you watched my video on the best hearing aid features in 2018 , you would have seen Phonak’s previous generation of AutoSenseOS ranked as #1. This is because Phonak’s Operating System can automatically switch between different programs based on your environment, and it does this more accurately than a human can.

Phonak has made a huge leap forward with the Audeo M Hearing aids. However, there are still a few things that it can’t do
It isn’t CROS compatible – If you have Single Sided Deafness, the Audeo M won’t be the devices for you.

While the Audeo MR rechargeable devices now turn on upon removal, they can be difficult to remove from the charger if you have finger dexterity issues.

Also, Battery life for rechargeable isn’t as good as some other products on the market.

They have changed their First Fit algorithm, aka Auto programming, to decrease high frequency amplification, in an attempt to improve sound quality to a new user.

In my opinion, this is catering to professionals who do not use Real Ear Measurement during their hearing aid fittings. Yes, it may make amplification more natural to an individual with a hearing loss in the high-frequencies, it may even be preferred by a new user at their fitting appointment, but it doesn’t change the fact that high-frequency is needed to maximize speech clarity.

Adapting to High-Frequency amplification is critical to maximizing performance with hearing aids. If you want to learn more about REM and why it is so critical for success with hearing treatment, check out my video here:


Chris Myers says:

First off I would like to thank you for your videos, they are very informative. I am currently working with my audiologists on replacing my hearing aids. I tried out a pair of Widex Beyonds and thought that they were the best for sound quality, performance in a noisy environment and being able to control and adjust with my phone. I am currently trying the Phonak Audeo B90 hearing aids. Although they are really good, I find that they don’t perform the same as the Widex. The problem is WSIB (Canada. Worker Compensation Insurance Board) doesn’t cover the purchase of Widex. My question is, how do the Phonak Audeo M compair to the Widex Beyond hearing aids. Sorry for the long comment

wpatkins says:

Hi, I’m trying to determine if there is much of a difference between the M-70 and the M-90. My audiologist recommended the M-90, but when I asked her why, she said it was because it was better at performing in nosiy environments – which I am in only about once every two weeks. Also, you mentioned the fact that this hearing aid won’t work well for people who have problems with one ear only – which is my case. I don’t have profound loss in the one ear, but enough to warrant a hearing aid. Should I not get this hearing aid?

Courtney Pieper says:

YOU speak to fast for my level of comprehension.

uncorkedinspiration says:

Question…. you mentioned the possibility of limited battery life during the day. Is there a way to turn the hearing aids OFF without putting them into the recharging box when not in use during the day to try and save on battery life?

Ann Marie Monahan says:

Wow this is very timely as my hearing aides (Phonak) are 7 years old and I am seeing my audiologist in Dec. I received info about this new hearing aide and your video on it is great. Will these hearing aids help with a landline phone? I have been getting hearing devices at live theatre events. Will the Audeo M alleviate the need for these and if so how does that work>

Inbar Shany says:

My 11 years old daughter used Audeo v-90 312T devices over the past two years.
A few months ago, we discovered the Roger Select and because we needed its integrated receiver, we ordered the Audeo B 90 13 for trial.
At the time of booking, I saw your video about the Audeo M, with the capability of an integrated receiver so we decided to wait until we will be able to purchase this device.
I have several questions regarding Audeo M 312 devices:

1. Will the Audeo M 312 BT, link to an Android cell phone without having to use roger? Will the broadcast be for both ears at the same time?
2. For Roger Select uses (such as classroom), till the software update, is it possible to connect the integrated receiver to Audeo M 312 devices?
After updating the software of Audeo M 312, will we be able to remove the integrated receiver and automatically hear the Roger transmission directly to both ears ?
3. In which month the software update is expected? Is this for all Phonak at all region around the world?

yvonne maylon says:

Loved this video. Very informative for my search for new hearing aids.

Judd Bender says:

Dr. Cliff: how would you compare this model to the Oticon OPN? I hear the OPN might have superior sound but I use Android (which is an issue for the OPN). Thanks in advance! Cheers,Judd

Saul Cherkofsky says:

Can you provide your opinion on comparing the new Beltone rechargeable Amaze hearing aids to these Phonak Audeo M aids. I am considering replacing my current Resound Linx 9 aids.

Mike Godwin says:

Dr. Cliff Thank you for taking time to share your knowledge. I am a die hard Android user and have been very disappointed that aids have not incorporated the ability to connect fully with them. I know Resound Quattro claims to have that ability but I haven’t seen it yet. Can you comment on the comparison between the Quattro and this new Audeo M specifically in regards to functionality with Android phones. Thank you again!

Kyle Roberts says:

Great Video. Leaning towards an Audeo Marvel (pair) for my 11 year old son. There are big price differences between the 90, 70 and 50 tech versions. Do you feel the upgrade from 70 to 90 is worth the additional $2,000? Also in the video you mention something about integrated Roger receiver firmware update in Fall 2019. Is that for the Marvel as well, or will that function be operational when it releases this year?

Jim Davis says:

Great Vid Doctor. I’m a dispenser and I’m excited to Fit the new Marvel Products. And excited to see how the use Rodger Products. Also can’t Waite for Cross to come out Later.

Beth McCabe says:

This is so cool

Art Goes says:

Wonderful review. Do you by chance have a similar review contrasting the M30, M50, M70 and M90?

Kristan Braziel says:

My 11-year-old LOVES his! He’s even got his friends wanting hearing aids because they “automatically turn into earbuds.” Hahaha

Joshua Guerra says:

These hearing aids are awesome! I have fit two pair and I’m impressed.

Kaare Bertelsen Dantoft says:

Great vid. Just you and immediately hit the subscribe.

Can you say something about stability of the connectivity? Is it stable enough for work? Do you loose the start of calls? Can you answer calls on the aids?

Shreekanth Rao says:

Dr Cliff, How does this compare to Resound Quattro. I only have Iphone so Android is not a major option.

Sonali Mehta says:

Thank you for the excellent and informative video with such clear understanding of the product! It answered an important question I had about BiCROS technology for Unilateral Hearing Loss. My HOPE is Phonak will ADD BiCROS technology to these fantastic Hearing Aids in the near future, especially before they introduce the pediatric portfolio.

William Weyandt says:

Dr. Cliff, I have moderate hearing loss and was leaning toward selecting the Oticon Opn due to feedback on their reported superior performance in noisy environments and speech clarity. I find the Phonak Audeo M’s connectivity advancements as an attractive enhancement compared to the Oticon, but how would you assess their likely performance relative to sound and speech quality?

Charles Phillips says:

Very informative… Big question!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. It sounds like the price might be in the same category as pricing an airplane, if you gotta ask you can’t afford it.

acrossthebranch says:

Thank you for this information! We had planned to get my daughter who is 10 new aids this year while we have insurance coverage. She wears the sky Q 90 with integrated boots. We were considering the sky V until we heard about the Marvel. However she uses Roger in school. Is there any way to “preorder” the t-coil version this year? We will not have hearing aid coverage next year. What would you recommend?

Mark Chambers says:

Thanks for the great videos Dr. Cliff. I’ve worn the Alta2 Pro miniRITE for the last three years and am in the process of trialing new ones at this moment. The Altas were OK but unless the OPN is a quantum leap in tech over the Alta2 I’m not thrilled. I know you don’t like Widex but I was fascinated by the SoundSense Learn feature of the Evoke 440 and decided to give it a try—had them only three days now—besides the Marvel is not out yet but will be by the time I’m through trialing these if I find I don’t like them. You said the Marvels were the whole package but that some aids that did some things better. If one of those things is speech in noise would you mind sharing that info? I am tired of struggling in complex environments. Thanks in advance for any info you’re willing to share.

rita kane says:

You are freaking amazing! I stumbled on you by accident and I am so glad. Thank you!

William Norton says:

Dr. Cliff, AuD, Please do us all a favor… Please let us all know when Phonak actually makes this Mavel M-312 available? Thanks. Promises are not always actuals!

Kyle says:

Question? I’m new to using hearing aids. I just received mine yesterday. my appoitment took about 15 to 25 minutes in and out. it sounds sort of like im in a tunnel. Is that normal?

Brandon Bost says:

Thank you very much for these videos! I am glad I stumbled upon these in an attempt to see what my hearing options are.

I am someone with moderate-to-severe hearing loss in both ears. Earlier this month I had both an ENT and a local audiologist tell me my only recourse for hearing improvement is with hearing aids. It will be the second time I’ve ever had hearing aids after buying a pair of ITC aids about 14 years ago and not being able to get used to them. I quit trying in frustration after two years, so it’s been over a decade since I’ve had any.

My audiologist is suggesting that I get the Phones Audeo Marvel M50, as she thinks it will meet my needs better and has some of the features I was hoping for (mainly BT streaming from Android).

I have two questions for you if you have the time:

1) Would you recommend that particular aid, or wait for the ReSound Linx Quattro to get Android support? The battery life on the Linx has me tempted to wait, although I’m someone that also uses headphones on my computer, and the Phonak may be the only ones that can stream from my computer if I read it right.

2) Would there be any reason you would recommend someone get the non-rechargeable version? I don’t know how much I’d stream, but to me 4 hours of streaming a day seems small for a 8-hour reduction in battery life. I’m worried I would never go a day without needing to charge my hearing aids at least twice.

Ron Henning says:

Does the Audio M hearing aid allow streaming audio from the TV and hearing someone talking to you at the same time? I bought Kirkland Signiture 6 hearing aids from Costco three years ago and they only help me understand speech slightly better. According to my Audiologist my hearing is barely bad enough to require hearing aids but really have a problem understand speech anyway. I have a TV streamer which allows me to understand TV speech but whenever my wife talks to me at the same time I am listining to the TV I cannot understand her at all unless I turn off the streaming function which takes about three seconds to refert to normal.

Michael Brown says:

Awesome! Thanks for this and all of your other informational videos. Love the clarity and energy!

prem chandu gudimetla says:

great information doc! talking about the “voice to text” feature,is it available in all languages and how fast can it display the text on the phone??

gary s says:

How many blue tooth devices can you pair to?

P Crowe says:

I am interesting in purchasing a set of the Marvel hearing aids. I am looking at both the M50 & the M70. Can you explain what makes the M70 is that much better than the M50s. Thanks

Gary Coombs says:

I’m getting a Sony WH-1000XM3 noise cancelling headset for Christmas. I’m also looking to get my first hearing aid as I just learned that I have a significant high frequency hearing loss. How do you think this headset will work with the model you have for this video?

I’ve decided to get this new Phonak you’re showing in this video to work with my Pixel 3 XL smartphone. If one will use Bluetooth a lot do you think it would be better to go with the battery model rather than rechargeable?

I’ve gotten so much from your channel and I’m subscribed!

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