How Hearing Loops Work: What is a Hearing Loop and how does it work?

Hearing Loops are the preferred assistive listening technology for people with hearing loss. At the push of a button, most hearing aids can wirelessly receive the sound from a public venue that has a hearing loop installed via it’s internal t-coil or telecoil.


kneelworship says:

this claims there is no additional cost. How is that possible given the loop requires a special amplifier?

Leah OConnor says:

The sound on this video is the best I have heard since my cochlear implant 6 months ago.It is the first time I have not needed the captions!!!! Was there anything special done that made the audio so clear?

HLA Rhode Island says:

This is the best short explanation of how a hearing loop works that I’ve ever seen. It covers all of the essential points – and bears watching more than once.

Linda Diaz says:

This is the best video I’ve ever seen to explain loop systems and telecoils and why we need them. Thank you,

Leah OConnor says:

Imagine life sounding like the example at 0:49 into video ALL the time

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