How Change the Memories in Your Hearing Aid

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Program Settings
Your Xylo 6 Mini Behind the Ear features a rocker switch that allows you to choose
between four program settings. Spend time using each of the programs to
determine which one you like best. Use that program the majority of the time.
Within each program, you can use the volume control to make sounds louder or softer
as you wish.
Simply press and hold the rocker switch for 3 seconds to change the program
setting. The device will beep to let you know which program has been selected.
Program 1 ♪ 1 beep Quiet/Noisy environments – Adaptive Directional Microphones –
good for going in and out of Quiet to Noisy environments
Program 2 ♪♪ 2 beeps Noisy environment – Directional – Good for Noisy Environments
Program 3 ♪♪♪ 3 beeps – Telecoil – Good for while on the phone
Program 4 ♪♪♪♪ 4 beeps – this is for music situations


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