EarVenture Revel Hearing Aid Review | Best Cheap Hearing Aid?

Dr. Cliff Olson, Audiologist from Arizona, reviews the EarVenture ReVel Hearing Aid and discusses why it could be the Best Cheap Hearing Aid that is even better than online hearing aids.

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EarVenture is a relatively new hearing aid manufacturer that is providing Hearing Clinics with a low-cost hearing aid option for their patients. The best part is, they are better and cheaper than most online hearing aids.

Pro #1. The Cost – The ReVel Hearing Aid will only cost around $400 per hearing aid depending on where you go. The ReVel is cheaper than some online hearing aids, and in most cases, better performing as well.

Pro #2. Digital Noise Reduction – The ReVel has better noise reduction than other hearing aids even more expensive than the Revel.

Pro #3. The Programming Features – A Hearing Care Professional can adjust a variety of Features including Noise Reduction, Microphone configuration, Feedback Suppression, Telecoil, 4 program settings, and a 12 band equalizer for customization.

Pro #4. Dual Microphones – Having 2 microphones on a hearing aid allows it to handle background noise better. Something that other hearing aids at this price do not have.

Pro #5. Custom Programmable – Online hearing aids cannot be custom programmed. The ReVel can. The only way to ensure your hearing aids are programmed correctly is to use Real Ear Measures. Want to know more about REMs? Watch this video: https://youtu.be/cHR0Oa6I-wY

Pro #6. The ReVel can be purchased and Fit by a Local Hearing Care Professional. Any professional with a State License can dispense and program a ReVel device. However, the clinic must choose to dispense them. This means that you can get a hearing aid in a clinic for a similar price as an online hearing aid.

Of course, there are always Cons to any Hearing Aid.

Con #1. Only comes in Slim-tube and size 13 tube with ear mold – Likely, in-order-to keep costs low, the ReVel does not come in the popular Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) style.

Con #2. Lack of Color options – The ReVel only comes in 3 colors. Bronze, Metallic Black, and Charcoal. In contrast to major brands where you can have 8+ color options.

Con #3. Cost to get them programmed – While the ReVel is similar in cost to cheap online hearing aids, you will need to get it professionally programmed. While this will make the hearing aid perform better, it will likely cost extra.

Con #4. Not as good as a Big 6 name brand hearing aid – While the ReVel is a good basic hearing aid. It doesn’t even come close to more expensive hearing aids in terms of performance and features.

Ultimately, the EarVenture ReVel Hearing Aid performed substantially better than I expected and is well worth the $400 price. Especially since it can be professionally fit and programmed to maximize success.


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