Why I Wear Hearing aids [CC]

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Todays video is about why I wear hearing aids! They are mostly for comfort.. I love to decorate and have fun with my hearing aids, I am Deaf and proud and not afraid to show it. Planning a video on what I can an can’t hear soon..

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Elham Saadati says:

hearing aids in https://samakbahar.com

ASLLitWithLinden says:

I am hard of hearing and often in hearing circles people forget i cant hear everything and in the Deaf world people sometimes think I’m hearing. So I definitely resonate with wearing a hearing aid that is decorated to be a reminder to those around you of your identity. When I was younger I always did what would blend and hide the best but now I’m proud of who I am so I always chose bright colors of molds and hearing aids when I can to show off and make a statement. My last was orange. Now I have a purple and blue swirl.

Stephen says:

I’m very hard of hearing. At work, customers get mad, and think that I’m ignoring them. I’ve never had hearing aids, because the doctors decided that they wouldn’t help, since it’s only one ear that “doesn’t work”. Sometimes, I wish I did have them, so that more people would believe me.

Voxann says:

That’s pretty interesting. I love the glitter on your hearing aids. It makes it look fashionable in a subtle way for a hearing aid. Personally, I used to wear hearing aids until middle school. As a profoundly deaf person, I rebelled and stood up for myself because teachers thought it would help even if I was 100% deaf. I suffered all through until middle school feeling like my head is a Fiesta Maraca. All that vibration all through my head and I was always relieved to take it off whenever I was home from school. It felt peaceful. When I stood up for myself, the teacher actually cried and my mom told her to calm down and believed me that I CAN pass classes without hearing aids because I have interpreters. I did prove the teachers wrong and have not wore a hearing aid ever since to this day.

Arkaeya says:

I’m hard of hearing with progressive hearing loss and have worn hearing aids on and off for around 8 years now, and I can definitely identify with wanting to wear them just so that they’re visible and other people can see them! When I don’t wear them, I honestly feel MORE self-conscious that people will be annoyed by me struggling to hear/asking them to repeat themselves, or that they won’t believe me if I tell them I’m hard of hearing and not wearing them as “proof”. I guess it takes some of the stress/exhaustion away from having to out myself as HOH, like I’d rather answer the question of “what are those things in your ears?” than try to find a way to interject “oh btw I’m hard of hearing” into a conversation.

Neil Anlin says:

Hey Chrissy…hope you’re doing well. I was wondering exactly what you want to accomplish on your channel or if you don’t have a set plan layed for yourself and you just want to freestyle and take it as it comes….?

Elizabeth Aman says:

Lovely video! I remember my first ASL teacher saying that she would bling up her CI for two reasons: one, she loved that it was sparkly and PRETTY, and two, that it would help hearing people see her CI and understand she was Deaf.

thunderstrike2525 odinson says:

Beautifully done I like what you done with them … Nice artist style…. And if your happy with them on is perfectly fine 😉 you exsterlize your body an mindset though them besides it fine I love what you done with hearing aids….:) fantastic video nice voice over. 🙂

petsmart1000 says:

I absolutely loooove your hearing aids esp. that they are BTE AND they have the shell piece that goes in your ears, and how you’ve decorated them!! <3 I used to have the shell hearing aids like yours but without the part that goes behind the ear, but I eventually had to get newer ones, so now I have the BTE ones BUT they only have a little bud piece that goes in the canal, so I can't decorate them like you have, plus I don't have a mute button(like my old one had) because sometimes I just didn't want to listen to babies and kids screaming and crying in stores lol, and I totally get missing the full feeling in your ears, because I had those other ones for so long too.

Yulia Bighood says:

I’m so happy I found your channel, not only is it interesting, you’re a captivating speaker and the visual quality is great. But, I’ve been missing ASL in my life for so long, I visited the us last year and lived in a Deaf and Deaf-blind family for a month, and I learned so much during that time. I enjoy signing in ASL in another kind of way than I do with my first sign language, so it’s nice to be able to be exposed to it more often, and pick up new signs. 🙂

Lisa TheCatDude says:

I’m sorry if this is an ignorant question, but did you bedazzle your hearing aids yourself? I’m not deaf or hard of hearing (I’m a wheelchair user w Spina Bifida). My dad was born hard of hearing, but is mostly deaf now. His hearing aids aren’t nearly as cool looking as yours though. Sometimes I paint or add stickers and whatnots to my wheelchair to represent my personality.

Hannah Duke says:

What kind of hearing aids do you have? I’m about to upgrade mine because my hearing loss has progressed. I need something more powerful. I just wish insurance would at least pay a portion!

Airhawk360 says:

I’ve had a hearing aid for about a decade now and didn’t know you could decorate in the ear ones, I’ve only had in the ear so I didn’t even know about hearing aid decorations til recently anyway but thats awesome

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