When Real Ear Measurement FAILS! | Hearing Aid Programming

When Real Ear Measurement FAILS! Dr. Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Anthem AZ, discusses situations when Real Ear Measurement may not result in the perfect hearing aid fitting.

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Real Ear Measurement is the only way to verify if your hearing aids are meeting your hearing loss prescription. REM Video: https://youtu.be/cHR0Oa6I-wY

However, there are some conditions where Real Ear Measurement will not get you that perfect hearing aid fitting.

In my last year as an audiology student, I attempted to reach hearing aid amplification prescriptive targets using Real Ear Measurement. However, the patient had a mastoidectomy on his right ear. Upon programming him up to targets, he proceeded to vomit all over my office. This is when I first realized you can’t just force everyone to hear at their prescription.

There are several other conditions where you may not be able to rely on Real Ear Measurement 100%. The following conditions may not allow you to reach prescriptive targets:

1. Mastoidectomies
2. Otosclerosis
3. Ruptured Eardrums
4. Choleseatomas
5. Ossicular Chain Discontinuity

Not being able to reach prescriptive targets using Real Ear Measurement is common in individuals who have a conductive hearing loss. However, just because you have a condition where you may not be able to reach your prescription, it doesn’t mean that Real Ear Measurement shouldn’t be done. It is still the only way to know where you are at in relation to your hearing loss prescription.

So the next time your hearing care provider says that Real Ear Measurement isn’t necessary, just smile and say “Yes I know, but I still want to see how close I am to my prescription”.


wmitchell51 says:

I have the ReSound LNX 3D hearing aids and the first time i had them on, the volume was so loud they had to be turned down. The problem I’m having now is some sounds are soooo loud when voices sound normal. Like ice droping into a bowl, I have to take them out because it so loud. Any suggestions what can be done?

Lauren says:

Or reverse slope. Low freq loss rising to normal. Especially the worse those lows are… I still use it, I just play with low freqs.

Vishal Sukhija says:

Hey Doc,

Have you encountered Liam Boehm videos for tinnitus treatment?

If yes then what do you think it is scam or what?

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