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Serinity Hope says:

Thank you so much for this! As someone who has worn hearing aids for 19 years, I feel it’s important that both hearing and deaf/hard of hearing people better understand how hearing aids works. It can be difficult to explain to someone that hearing aids are not like remotes that just turn up the volume on something. And, I love that this is short and straight to the point. Definitely will point people to this video if they need some clarification. ♥

Philip Smith says:

Thanks for a really good laugh. And yes I agree with you because i am a hearing aid user, born profoundly deaf. X

Donald R. Stewart says:

Kissfist your vlog. U are so hilarious!!!

Victoria e says:

Jessica i love how you are so blunt.

Prinplup15 says:

Where has this video been all my life? ! I’ve been using hearing aids/hearing aid type devices for nearly 15+ years. 100% agree with everything said here.

strawberryroxc says:

I can see this channel making it over a million subscribers and I can say I was here since 7,000!! LOVE AND LUCKKKK!! YOURE AN AMAZING PERSONNN!!!

Sara Simpson says:

Well said jess

Abigail Joyce says:

I freaking love you Jessica!!!! I just got hearing aids and you have helped me though so much! Being 9 and getting aids was hard but you made it so much easier! Great video your so funny and so pretty! ❤️

Jase M says:

Deaf people are lucky you don’t have to hear the neighbors arguing at night time

Billy Widener says:

I’m with you all the way!!!! Great vid! Keep it up.

Emily Peterson says:

You’re hilarious I love you

Monica Bray says:

If your hearing is this indistinct and you speak so well, you are very likely a candidate for a cochlear implant.  You might like to check it out.

Madison Fox says:

Also, hearing aids can only really cut a hearing loss in half. If someone has a moderate-severe sensorineural hearing loss amplification could potentially only bring them up to the moderate range which leaves out a lot of sounds (women’s especially).

Addison says:

Your facial expressions crack me up

gbC4mpos says:

Lolol the mustache part tho

Ana Galvan says:

I recently just got told that I would be needing hearing aides now I’m only 13 and extremely outgoing I want to be able to be proud of my hearing aids and show them off how can I do this also the issue is that I’m new to the deaf and HOH community I’ve only really started exploring it when I found out I was getting hearing aides because I’m almost completely deaf and don’t have any younger friends or know anyone who is d/Deaf my parents are both hearing parents and none of my friends are d/Deaf how do I become more involved in the d/Deaf and HOH community and make friends who are my age who can relate to the same problem I do

Aly Kat says:

the editing for this vid is adorable aww

Human Being says:

Are aliens able to breath underwater? Lol

Mew says:

1:20 somehow I knew what you were going to say…

Marvin Fogleman says:

I like your video I am in the same situation as you.

Jeff F. Panasuik says:

You are awesome! Keep it up.

DarkVioletgirl318 says:

I had the same thought about hearing aids when I was young. Then I learned it didn’t help that much since my hearing is mild to profound. I get the same deal with you too.

Joe Foley says:

Wow she’s funny love the alien underwater

Mya Nichols says:

Loved this! When I try to explain to people that I am HOH they always ask “Why don’t you wear hearing aids then so you can hear me better?”. My hearing loss is due to a nerve/brain issue. It doesn’t matter how loud you make the sounds; if my brain can’t process them correctly it isn’t going to help. Now I can show them this awesome video to show them not all people with hearing loss will benefit from aids. So glad I found your channel after your video with Drew!!!

Voxann says:

I grew up being forced to wear hearing aids and am profoundly deaf. It felt like my head is a Maraca! Such a bliss without it. I didn’t really need it and the school though it would help. They were so wrong. *facepalm* I stood up for myself in middle school and quit wearing it. 🙂

joybells W says:

Hey Jessica I decided I wanted to try and go a few days without sound on YouTube. I wanted to see what it was like watching YouTube as a deaf person I was amazed to find how many people don’t caption their content. (I also found out how awful auto-caption is ) it is insane time how many people just don’t even think about the deaf community.

sparklingpxls says:

I agree with you! <3 I was born profoundly deaf and I really struggle to find it hard to understand people at my school now. But I'm taking BSL classes again so I could understand more. I was also the same, I thought turning up the volume works that way but NOPE!

Elle C says:

Jessica, are you a candidate for cochlear implants, then? As far as I understand hearing loss, the hearing aids simply amplify the sound and cochlear implant actually help with the signal to the brain.

Karen Navarro says:

I’ve been wearing hearing aids since I was 16 (I’m 24 now and HOH) and I’m loving all your videos! So informative, and so true! I wish folks understood that speaking louder doesn’t necessarily mean we can understand better. I’m looking forward to more content! 🙂

adxdev says:

Luv ya.

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