What Stethoscope is Best? EKO CORE vs LITTMAN 3M Comparison – UNBOXING & REVIEW

Who else has wondered… What is the best stethoscope for Nursing School? What is the best Stethoscope for Med School? WHICH is the best overall stethoscope for health care providers? What if I have hearing loss? How does this compare with other stethoscopes like littman? Watch and find out!

In this video I unbox the EKO Core Stethoscope and give an honest review. I feel very blessed to have worked with their company to bring this to you guys. It’s a great tool!

1. Recording & Amplification – recording is amazing
2. Clear and loud 40x amplication – it seriously gets loud
3. Long Battery life! – 9 hrs
4. Battery is not needed for use, you may use it manually
5. Connects with IPAD/Smart phone

Digital Stethoscopes though?

Electronic Stethoscopes are the future of auscultation. Eko Core is in my opinion the best in the market right now.

Don’t take my word for it! Also check out DocOssareh’s Review: https://youtu.be/IQJLBj25n4k


USE THE CODE: “NurseMurse”

Eko Core Website: https://ekodevices.com/

Eko Core Store: https://ekodevices.com/purchase

EKO CORE vs Electronic Littman 3200 Comparison: https://ekodevices.com/eko-core-digital-stethoscope-comparison-littmann-3200


Angela Rodriguez says:

Forever in love with my Littmann! But this is definitely a cool new gadget that id consider.

Kendall Hildreth says:

This was a great video! So informational! Always love watching your videos 🙂

Joyce Hermosura says:

I wanted to ask if I can use this for the lung sounds?

HeatheRNicole says:

I’ve been thinking about an electronic stethoscope. Right now I don’t need it per se. I was wondering if maybe you could or someone you know have done a littmann iii cardiology vs littmann master cardiology. 🙂 thanks!

Beautifully Rewritten says:

Nice! I should have watched this video before starting the nursing program and buying my Littman! Maybe Ill get one as a graduation gift!

Nicanor Núñez says:

Littman also has an electric stethoscope

Eli Caldwell says:

Great video man! I graduated my LPN program and found out I passed boards yesterday. I have been working at an Urgent Care Walk In Clinic, and I own a Littman. As an LPN I only use a stethoscope for BP and to assess lung sounds when I give allergy injections, other than that I really don’t use one. However, I start RN school next year and this is an awesome looking stethoscope. I have a slight hearing impairment in my left ear also, so this would definitely be a consideration.

Harlee Cheek says:

AHHH I’ve been waiting on this video! Looks awesome dood. Might need to give it a try. <3

David Havrilla says:

Hey, NurseMurse, just saying, I’m in my first semester of Nursing school, and just want to say that you really do help with a good perspective on things. Example, the forms of studying, keeping things organized, and perspective of clinical day. I Subscribed and hope that you keep making great videos.

July Ski says:

Wow that is awesome. I wish I could have one. I’ts been over a year since I graduated from nursing school and I’m still using what I used in nursing school at work which is a littman. My little issue is usually the sound quality, and I think I might be a little deaf. Lol
Definitely interested in digital stethoscope like this but I’m kinda waiting for my now stethoscope to break or be stolen cause it still has a bit of sentimental value. Lol

Alan says:


Erin Michelle says:

The apps are cool…however, I wish I had time on the floor to enter information about my patients and review each individual heart sounds like that…But not realistic time wise. However that’s awesome it amplifies like that…working in the float pool cardiac and respiratory are biggies so lots of long sounds and telemetry for days!!!

Samantha Jo says:

Wow! I never knew there was such a stethoscope! Ahh, technology! 🙂

MrElliottFinn says:

wow, this is amazing. i may have to look into getting one. Im heading into my last year of nursing school

Stormy Seas says:

OK…WAaaaay off topic but where did you get your kitchen/dining table? Find all those great inspirational quotes visible and “in your face” while studying would be so nice!

Michael Frandsen says:

Nice concept, but how does it compare to the Littmann 3200? I have used my 3200 for 6 months and love it. Plus it is not as bulky as the Eko, Granted th Eko is a bit cheaper but not by much.

Lindsey E says:

Nursemurse!! Where have you been? Would it be possible to do a video on different types of nursing specialties and how to choose one?

Aidan says:


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