VEDA Day 3 | Picking Glasses as a Hearing Aid Wearer

Hello Beauties! Today I’m talking about how and why I picked out my new glasses.

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Jim Boice says:

I’m a retired optician so i know exactly what you’re talking about when it comes to Transition glasses. They seem to never go completely clear and always seem to have a tint to them. They are usually slow to react from going indoors after being outside so you are often walking around and struggling to see though your still dark lenses. They are nearly useless as sunglasses when driving a car because they don’t change enough due to your windshield having UV protection on it. And of course they really aren’t very cheap either. In many cases you can almost buy a pair of regular glasses and prescription sunglasses for the same cost of Transitions.
Your new glasses look really nice on you and it’s nice to be able to see your eyes through your glasses. With the Transitions it was nearly impossible to see your eyes. Because you also wear hearing aids getting the right fitting glasses is also very important to you. You can’t wear glasses with thick bold temples and earpieces because the would get in the way of your hearing aids. You need glasses with thin temples and earpieces. Have you ever tried looking for a nice wireframe? They usually have smaller earpieces and some don’t have the plastic protector on them which i ‘m sure you would really like. Many of them are very attractive semi-rimless frames which I think would look really good on you anyway. Even though your new glasses look better they really are sitting too high on your nose. if you at you video around the 2:40 point you can clearly see that the top of your glasses is blocking your eyebrows completely. You never want your glasses blocking or covering your eyebrows. They need to adjusted so they sit lower on your nose which will allow them to be slightly lower than your eyebrows. You said that you got hearing aids when you were 5 and you got glasses in high school so you have only been wearing glasses for about year now, am I right? That would explain why your glasses don’t appear to be very strong. Seriously, your glasses really don’t look to be very strong at all. I assume that you buy your glasses at a local optical store? have you ever considered ordering your glasses on line? it would save you tons of money and the glasses they offer are just as good of quality as the glasses from your local store. The prescriptions are very accurate as well. I highly recommend Zenni optical ( They have complete pairs of glasses in your prescription for as low as $6.95.

Brandon Golf says:

Nice glasses…what is your prescription?

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