thinklabs – electronic stethoscope

This is a VERY COOL gadget. This electronic stethoscope head has a regular electronic outlet so that it can be connected directly to headphones or to your smartphone. This allows for ‘saving’ the sounds for reference/ consultation / teaching, but also for the patient to hear his own breath or heart sounds at the bedside.

Very expensive gadget I would not recommend it for the regular medical provider, but if you are into teaching…this tool is AWESOME and well worth the expense. –

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Daniel Diaz says:

I’m a Nurse and I remembered one of the most difficult things for me when I was starting was interpreting Heart/Breath sounds.  For one I didn’t have clinical experience to draw on for comparing sounds, and two, there weren’t very good HD libraries of sounds to listen to on my off-days to learn from.  

Does this device come with a library of sounds to compare your patient data to?  Or do you know of a good library of sounds for study purposes? 

mutaz says:

I think you forgot to add the sound that you recorded in the video … However , i think it is more likely to be educational instrument . Battery thing makes it less practical , but i like it actually .
Thanks dr.

Χρήστος Σάρδης says:

85bpm almost..

Wokanshutaiduo Snape says:

I have just graduated from medical school and am in the market for a new-eScope. I have moderate-to-severe hearing loss and wear behind-the-ear hearing aids with wax moulds. Would this ‘One’ be of benefit for me? I have previously used the Cardionics E-Scope but it recently has only been working out of one ear, and I always had limited success and a lot of feedback occurring with it, so am reluctant to go with that again. 
I have about a month to make this decision – I am currently on my psychiatry term and thus don’t need it at the moment, but it would be good to have my new steth before starting my emergency term in March!

408valentina says:

The thigh laceration video you posted has been removed?

Jibbz707 says:

Man think how easy it would be to drop or misplace..i dont think i could do it not to mention having to put head phones in one by one…I dont like it

Avboden says:

Have you had a chance to use it more since the video? Up until now, most people seem to swear a good ol’ fashion stethoscope will always be better for hearing the hard to find murmurs and such….this one makes me optimistic digital has finally caught up. Thoughts? 

Vegan Nurse Practitioner says:

Oh man, that would be fun, too bad it’s so dang expensive. That would be great in peds

catherine wong says:

Any suggestion of how I can hear it life without recording

kelsogood78 says:

This is so awesome can’t wait for you to show us more 🙂


Or safe cracking lol

Dflowen says:

Can you do a blood pressure test on that stethiscope? I like to know if can pick up swoosh sounds to determine the sys and diastolic pressure. Thanks. Those damned Brachial Arteries lol.

The device looks sooo cool.

Whats your verdict Littman digital or thinklabs stethoscope?

Diane Danly says:

I’m hearing impaired, and am excited to try this out. I’ve yet to connect it to the hearing aid blue tooth, that will be tomorrow. I am already sure that I can hear much better even with the provided headphones

Anish Patel says:

Is it possible to use a wireless headphone and eliminate the wires entirely? This way if you are examining a child, in theory the parent can hold the bell on the child’s chest and you can be a distance away so that the child doesn’t cry. Transmitter-Receiver Pair – Bluetooth may work perhaps for that?

Green House Homestead says:

Wouldn’t that be nice cor people with heart conditions so they could get a visual and hear if their heart is acting up so they can show their doc?

Muhammad Adnan says:

rxZL e

Wokanshutaiduo Snape says:

Just watched to the end of the video and the sound quality does seem rather good. Since you’ve now had it for a few months I’d really appreciate knowing whether it would be beneficial for me!

satinderjit4 says:

Looks great 


Can it hear the next room if you hold it to the wall?

Abby Babby says:

I really like that it shows amplitude of the sound. That is very cool, I think I’ll make one, great idea Doc.

sleslie23 says:

Thanks for the video! I would love to have one of these for music/sound design, but 499 is kind of steep. Anyone have a used one they want to sell? 🙂

McAVIT Yourway says:

You’re just a kid at heart Doctor! 🙂

Anonymous says:

Wow — this can be a very cool learning tool!  You always see videos showing how to auscultate the heart, lungs, and bowels, but the real-time internal sounds are never included.  This is an excellent way to do this.  It would be really awesome if you could get a volunteer “patient” to let you do a heart, lung, and bowel sound exam on him using this device to let us hear the actual real-time internal sounds as you are doing the exam.  

Bruce Wayne says:

Spiffy !

Ariane Mullins says:

Does this work with bluetooth?  I am a nursing student and I have CIC hearing aids and I am getting them fitted for bluetooth capabilities.  There is a bluetooth adapter that plugs into my ipod, iphone, etc and I am wondering if I plug into this, if it will work the same and stream directly to my hearing aids with no issues.  I currently have the e-cardionics steth with headphones which is awesome, but I am thinking this set up would be more convenient and is the same price as what I paid.

trustthewater says:

That’s really cool. Seems very pricey, but very cool.

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