Removing Ear Wax for Hearing Aids #earwaxremoval | Auburn Medical Group

Removal of ear wax impacted by a hearing aid is accomplished with curette by Dr. Mark Vaughan. #earwaxremoval. This immediately resulted in restored hearing.

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karri amara says:

excellent video. Thanks

Nicole Flegal says:

What causes one ear to produce more wax buildup than the other? Both my children have that problem. My son gets buildup so bad that it causes pressure and pain.

A Clark says:

why don’t you clean it completely out ?
I noticed that you leave some wax in the ear ..

Dwight Schrute says:

im from Duluth, Minnesota 🙂

barbara dea says:

How did I get on this channel? How did I get on to the weird side of YouTube? Gosh dang it buzzfeed and your ear cleaning.

Papa Dragon says:

As I subscriber to your videos, I have seen you use a curette and irrigation for ear wax removal. I was wondering how you decide which method to use?

Ella Tinsley says:

Really great very informative! A like and subscribe from London!!!!

Evelyn Frías says:

Good job!

Just1Nora says:

Would a warm saline or peroxide flush not have been a more gentle, and thorough, solution for removing the wax?
I had to have it done once as a child following an infection from lake water and the wax was softened first with colace and then flushed out with warm saline.

tigeroscarfan says:

i had this done years ago, its worth getting it checked every now again, i find u can hear much better when they remove the blocked wax.

RinnyDale says:

*[2-Thumbs-Up]* thank you for sharing !

Francesca Nguyen says:

A big “hello” from one of your subscribers in Cardiff, Wales, U.K.

Trinitie Kedrowski says:


Sarah-Jean says:

Hi from New Zealand Mr Hot Doctor!

Grace Davis says:

It’s BuzzFeed’s fault they made that ear wax video and now I’m hooked

Teri VanSteel says:

Good video and explanation. My ears always itch inside and there always seems to be ear wax I can remove on the outer part of the ear canal. Yes, I have used unapproved objects to remove earwax but when my doctor looks in my ears he says they are fine. That obviously means I haven’t damaged anything and I don’t have earwax impacted. I thought my itchy ears might have something to do with allergies but my allergist whom I recently went through testing with seemed to shrug it off. I’m taking less medication for allergies than I used to and there isn’t any noticeable change. Any advice?

Jeanette Gwilliams says:

Fantastic video hi from liverpool xx

Synthia Hart says:

I kept thinking for some reason it was Auburn Alabama. This would be the only time I would willingly request to go to Auburn AKA our rivals. Greeting from Tuscaloosa!

through my eyes says:

do you ever utilize the vacuum method?

Beth Foster says:

Thanks, good lighting and nice conversation throughout.

Mamiegoodheart says:

I’m happy to be here today; I find healthcare fascinating. I subscribed from Ontario, Canada!

Uncle Smoke says:

Awesome video im in Syracuse .

LegoWhite Gaming says:

A Big AWSOME JOB From US,Fort Payne

Hanna Lulu says:


grohlpatrol says:

The only thing missing was a smile from your lovely assistant …. Maybe next time 😉 😀

Hrancisca sim says:

can i know what is the name of the device attached to the phone tht your assistant holding….?

Megan MacLeod says:

HI I’m from canada

Jody Jackson says:

hello: subscriber from Scotland ☺ x

DuckyGoose says:

Can I have a shout out

Ladybug Grandma says:

Why did you choose this method over irrigation?

A.M. Studios says:

First comment

Miranda vdg says:

A like from The Netherlands 🙂

flierefluiter johnny says:

This is not proper done, all what left causes a new block in future.

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