My Hearing Aids update

This video is about My Hearing Aids update


Paul Watts says:

great vid girl wots ur hearing w/o ur aids i got singlesideddeafness x

Madisyn says:

without hearing aids, it sounds like the volume for example like turning down music lower but still kind of know the sound by the beat, is what everything sounds like haha

Katrina Nicole says:

Can you do more on your hearing aids! And how to take care of them! Because I failed 3 school hearing test and they said I might have a hearing problem, so I’m going to need all this info! Btw love this video! Your so pretty!!! You should have more subs

Alexis Satterfield says:

My dads work insurance doesn’t pay for hearing aids. I am not sure who payed for mine when I was younger. Then when I was in 7th grade through earlier years of college (2007-20014) I got mine through a free service called Starkey Hearing Foundation. But the hearing aids always caused problems and cost a lot of money to be sent in for repairs. I finally got Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) services to pay for new ones in 2014. The payed for my hearing aids I have currently. I have the Phonak Sky Q with the Phonak Roger Pen. I am trying to get my other VR person to pay for an upgrade. I want to get the Phonak Nadia V90 UP hearing aids because those are the top of the market right below the cochlear implant. I am sever to profound in my left ear and I’m moderate to sever in my right. I also have a hole in my left ear drum from the doctor out wrong set of tubes in when I was little. My parents found out I had a hearing loss at the age of 5. But I got hearing aids at the age of 8.

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