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We remove a stuck hearing aid dome from inside the ear canal. The hearing aid domes often come off inside patient’s ears because the push them in until the get turned and/or stuck in the canal. We use the Miltex 6-302 forceps for removal under direct vision.

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Justiceforall Justiceforall says:

materialistic doc….20 dollars at amazon?? its 50 cents in India

Jacalyn Bledsoe says:

Great job Dr. Vaughn. I must say that the background music was very annoying.

Paul Vlacancich says:

So satisfying

Jeanine Bell says:

I have become an expert at removing these. Most ridiculous design EVER.

Sheree Watt says:

PLEASE tell me where u get the thing u attach to ur phone to see in the ear

Gabbie Hernandez says:



Omg the cringe

The Florida Young Family-official says:

I really wish you were in North Florida.

Joshua Linton says:

What’s the attachment on the iPhone called?

Megoonie says:


Oriana Davies says:

Did you realise that mikes ear was bleeding

Hanna Lulu says:


Hanna Lulu says:


Velma Zamora says:

Doc, You have awesome bedside manners. I applaud you. much love from Corpus Christi TX

Viagra dick nigga says:

I want this to be my job now

dylan says:

Is it true you respond to comments?

palegreenstars says:

I almost want something bad (but curable) to happen to my ear so I could get treated by the incredible Dr. Vaughn!

Donna G says:

My daughter wears hearing aids. Thank God that hasnt happened to her. She loves getting her ears cleaned every 3mths by her Doctor because of them blocking her ear canal.

crazy.bestfriends101 says:

how can u buy the thing that u put on your phone to see in his ear?? and awesome job doc !

Tummywubs says:

If the ear is bleeding quite baldy, do you have to do anything to it? or would you just leave it?

John Tuquero says:

I want that attachment on thr smartphone camera

Caroline Childers says:

i have a question if you step on glass or wood and its deep in the skin will it migrate out of your skin on its own?

Abril Keinrath says:

I love this channel!! you are such a cool doctor(:

Mk b32 says:

your assistant she so beautiful

Unicorn Face says:


TheAlias Poop says:

All of this stuff is so nasty but it’s so interesting

The lazy Family says:


lisa kay says:

i want the cool ear cam that goes on iphone never new anything like that was out there

Js _Gaming says:

His ear is bleeding!!

David Brakefield says:

Is it just me or does that guy look like whitey bulger.

Leonel Morales says:

Thanks Lou☺

SoltatioCronus Once EmperorWyven says:

I got a squirrel and a few nuts stuck in my ear. I put the nuts in there to draw the squirrel out but he stole them and burrowed deeper. Can the doc fix that? I tried a home remedy and stuck a vacuum suction thing in there, but that got stuck also.

Marc Law says:

A monster catch.Keep fishing.

Jan Zickiel Mejia says:

nice doc I need a ear wax pls doc

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