How to USE and CLEAN a Stethoscope

How to use and clean your stethoscope. I hope you enjoy this video. In case that you are interested in watching the review on the CLASSIC II SE LITTMANN STETHOSCOPE here is the link to that video Let me know if you have any questions.

***DISCLAIMER: This video is on how i clean my stethoscope, it may or may not be the proper way to do so, but this is just how i do it. By no means I’m trying to instruct you to follow, I’m just sharing with you the way that i personally do it.


Ádám Szegedi says:

Hello, I am a medic, after I used my Littmann classic II. S.E., I cleaned this with a glasses cloth which is contain 5% alcohol. After cleaning the Y tube became sticky :/ Is it normal?

Кирилл Лисивец says:

hello from russia!

Dat Orca says:

Nice video Ellie Rogers some interesting content

Thilanka Gunarathna says:

hello i am a medical student please can you say for daily clinical usages ,which type of littmann stethoscope should i use ?

julia j says:

This video was very helpful, thanks a lot!!!  ((:

bloom princeton says:

thank you sooooo much

Higinio Malave says:

use an alcohol swab 

AllHallowsEve123 says:

Could you do a video on listening to heart landmarks I.e. Aortic, tricuspid, mitral, Erbs, apical. Taking apical pulse. Murmurs/S3, S4?

Jessica Bennett says:

is there anyway you can show a video on changing tubing?

Andrew Beekharry says:

my stethoscope headset does not fit in my ear canal .. when I put it on it always turns to the side or doesn’t go in all the way causing me to not hear anything what do I do ?

ava2hot19 says:

Great video. Thanks

Dat Orca says:

Can u make a brother and me video lol

wholeNwon says:

At least clean the head between each patient.

Anna Frosen says:

thanks you I wood of took it back and cry thank you alot

Gabby 95 says:

Hey I bought a littman classic two se stethoscope and I noticed I have some difficulty switching from the bell and diaphragm,i noticed yours seems easy coz it is right and left while mine is unpredictable until I hear the clicking sound.

Laura Garcia says:

Thank you for the video. Thanx to you I figured out why I could not hear thru my stethoscope. Much thanx again!

Felipe Rodriguez says:

if u have trouble remembering that your a fucking idiot and needs to be slapped upside the head

selene the unicorn256 says:

Do more vds

Safaa Mohamed says:

thank you very much, video was very helpful

Obedi Brown says:

thanks ….
I find it helpful

Higinio Malave says:

better scracht it a Little  dont tap  hurt a lot

Türk Irkı Var Olsun says:

ya hepsin ya hiç;
ya türksün ya piç!!!

Michael Steeples says:

great video of of how to properly use a stethoscope I look stupid in school at first until I learn this lol so simple now I’m still learning more everyday great video

coolso0oz says:

thanks but not really helpful

현지용 says:

Thank you very much ,, you are teach to how to chestpiece trans. amazing … then Have to remove to big ring TM film?

N K says:

Elliot Rodgers turned into a lesbian? I thought he killed people and died in isla vista

c ella says:

thanks a lot!

Julie Leasure says:

I’m just starting medical assistant and my mom’s bf had a stethoscope how do we find the brand of it

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