How Do Hearing Aids Work To Treat Hearing Loss?

How do hearing aids work to treat hearing loss? Dr. Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founder of Applied Hearing Solutions, discusses what hearing aids actually do when treating hearing loss.

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Hearing aids are the best and only treatment option for most types of hearing loss. Despite the fact that many individuals complain about how hearing aids perform, they actually do a very good job of treating hearing loss as long as they are fit and programmed correctly.

But what are hearing aids actually doing? They don’t just amplify all sounds. They actually only amplify sounds that you need and not sounds that you don’t. Humans can hear between 20 Hz and 20 kHz. Most individuals have hearing loss at some of these frequency ranges, but not all. Hearing aids must be programmed to amplify only the frequency ranges that you need and do it with precision.

Most cases of hearing loss are in the High-Frequency ranges. High frequency hearing losses often result in the loss of clarity to speech. People with this type of hearing loss often report that they can hear people talking, they just can’t understand what they are saying. In this case, you would want to amplify the high frequency sounds with hearing aids and leave the low frequencies alone.

In order to do this correctly, you need to have Real Ear Measures performed on your hearing aids. Real Ear Measures are the only way to verify that your hearing aid are programmed properly and you should NEVER buy hearing aids from someone who doesn’t perform them. To learn more about Real Ear Measurement, watch this video:


Tiffany Humes says:

Question for you Dr. Cliff – I just went in and had a hearing test done. The audiologist showed me my hearing test graph. My left ear is basically with in “normal range” where my right ear was basically the opposite of the graph you showed. After she was done with the test she stated that I should go see a ENT doctor because this type of loss is indicated by something going on in the middle ear where the bones are.

With all that said, I do have a genetic condition named Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome. It effects the collagen in the body and all of the joints. I’m curious on your thoughts.

Thank you in advance for your response.

CryptoDeaf says:

Word Test says wheelbarrow. My response is “WHAT?!”

You ever hear a deaf joke though? Me neither.

Ok, all joking aside. I’m still weighing if I want to undergo getting a CI or if I want to wait until possibly stem cell therapy becomes a thing that will correct my hearing.

Monkey Man says:

How can I get the VA to do Real Ear Measurements?

Julia Maree says:

I am from TN but I really like your videos, would it be “hard” for you to be my audiologist if I’m willing to travel or do you think local is better?

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