Hearing Loss, Hearing Aids ~ What????

I got these at Sam’s Club at their Hearing Aid Center! Liberty hearing aids SIE 64 Speaker in the Ear Hearing Instrument.


Celide Acevedo says:

I found your video very helpful but seems 2 years old at this time.   I just purchased Liberty SIE 96, New top of the line?  $3200.  no extended warranty.  Additional $400. and additional $400. for loss and damage waiver.  Still working on getting comfortable with them. Any other helpful comments?

Helen Anderson says:

Thank for sharing your review on Liberty Hearing Aid.  I work for one of the Hearing aid centers at Sam’s Club. I love my job and love helping people hear better. I am so happy that you are hearing better. Your going to be thrilled with the service after the sale to.

alex.cbr94 says:

By chance do you know if costco’s is the same? I’m almost 21 but my family truly believes that I need a check up and I have a membership there.
3K is a lot of money, were you able to finance them or make payments?

Gaylyn Henry says:

We just bought the same hearing aids and they seem to be a good investment. I haven’t bought the extended warranty protection yet though… do you think its worthwhile?

개같은병신 says:

You are really stupid!If you ever thought about volum controller…you can either wear behind hearing aid or wear CIC or IIC hearing aid!!! I am Korean man and I have been wear hearing for 25years no matter how your hearing bad..you can wear CIC(which is hardly regonize) or ICC instead of wearing your behind hearing aid…DO not trust your hearing experts… They just selling hearing aid for living!! Remember this! Thanks from South Korea~

Stephany Ochoa Cardenas says:

Hi my stephany ochoa. I have a deafs of hearing aids. It is very difficult to me to wear hearing loss both because didn’t sound nothing to me. I feel shame with my family and friends. I am 21 years old and young woman and feel comfortable to listen of conversation. I won’t go college because I quit of the job there reason I have a deafs. I am different of disabilities. I doing a well. like that video it cool.

grettz1 says:

Thanks very much. Even though we have a few Super store Walmart around here in my part of PA, The one thing that they don’t have is Sam’s Club connected to them.

Suellen Swank says:

Just stumbled across your video.  I am in the process of purchasing the same hearing aids from Sam’s Club in Texas.  Hearing your review has eased my mind!  Thank you!

Michael McCormack says:

It cracks me up that  a “Free hearing test” actually  cost you $3600.00.
It amazes me what conclusions arrive out of things that are “Free”.  Free Teeth exam costs me $2300 in dental work, “Free spinal adjustment” ended up costing me $1100 in Chiropractic care, ” Free taste and smells  brought me a sandwich at Jimmy johns.

The Hearing Loss Pill says:

Very useful video, didn’t notice the hearing aids at all in the video. Seems like a really good purchase.

Nancy Lester says:

I should have done my research first but I just bought my first set of Liberty hearing aids (SIE64) at SamsClub today and now I’m looking for reviews to make sure I did the wise thing.  They were very expensive and insurance doesn’t cover anything.  I still work full-time and have had a very difficult time hearing in groups and meetings especially.  Auditorium meetings have become a waste of time since I can never understand what the speaker is saying. I am amazed that I have a full 90 days to try these aids and if I don’t like them – return them for a full refund.  I’m anxious to go to work Monday to see if they make the difference I’m hoping for.  Thanks for your encouraging video.

grettz1 says:

Hi–I’m located in Honesdale PA which is about 45 miles from Scranton. I’m about 3 hrs away when going into upstate NY. Not to worry, I’ll search. Luckily for me, my problem is slight and usually comes on with age and it’s only in one ear.. I’m 66. I have a feeling that there’s a difference between Hearing Aid Amplifier and Hearing Aid. I’m assuming that the one that’s called Hearing Aid is the one to look for. Thanks for your response. It was very kind.

Beth Blankenship says:

My mother in law purchased Liberty hearing aids from Sam’s Club. She no longer wears them, but offered to give me them ( as my hearing has diminished. ) Is it possible to have them re-programmed to fit my needs ?

Madison St Pierre says:

im only 1 and i have hearing aids too i had them sense idk about since i was 2s yr old and i CANT get my hearing back but my hearing aid is a mold that is the shape of my ear and when you get your hearing aid wet you leave it in the jar all night when you take it out for bed time i know because i have the same jar i cant hear hi pitch sounds and ya i am only 11 and thank you you made me feel like i can show my hearing aids and be happy 🙂

grettz1 says:

Can you tell me how much these sam’s club aids cost?

cyndonna litwim says:

Hi thank you for sharing this video. I have noticed in my early 30’s I have a hearing loss and now I do wear a hearing aid, I am so happy I notice sounds I have not heard in while. My hearing loss runs in my family to.

Rmstitanicfan1912 says:

I failed my gearing test now I gotta go to the docs will I need a hearing aid?

Kathy McDonald says:

This is great to see the review.  My boyfriend is one of the top Hearing Aid Specialists in the country for Miracle ear and the after care is probably the most important part of the entire service.  Something he excels at.  They do give free testing with no obligation but the best part is, after you are fitted appropriately for an aid that is going to help you, the service is free thereafter with check ups, repairs and more and from professionals that are educated and licensed to do it.  

Cliff Smith says:

Thank you for the video! I’ve confirmed what I knew all along: My hearing (especially in the left ear) has deteriorated to the point where I have to absolutely, positively think about buying hearing aids. During my recent visit to the Sam’s Club in Moore, Oklahoma, I, too, took advantage of the free hearing test (still featuring the Liberty brand). Like you, I was allowed to “test drive” a pair while shopping and I immediately noticed the clarity of the sounds around me, including the weekly tornado siren test (every Saturday at noon in the OKC metro, weather permitting)! I wore the SIE64, but I’m leaning towards the SIE96, if I can swing it.

I’m now in the process of coming up with a way to finance this crazy-expensive purchase. The awesome technician suggested/promoted the Sam’s Club MasterCard feature which allows for interest-free payments for 12 months.

Once again, thank you for the review, and thank you for the “shout out” to Oklahoma during the 2013 tornados…I fared much better than some of my neighbors!

Joseph Lesh says:

Did they help the ringing in your ears?

junbug1029 says:

Hi! Were you able to talk him into going? The screening is free. xoxo Joan

TurkeyVelcro says:

Not yet but I am still working on it. Your video helped. Thanks again!

Dan Contreras says:

I also bought a pair of the same at Sams Culb , have you had any  problem with noises that are not vocies , being loud exampe , spoons clashing , dishes , cabinet door closing and finally gargage door opening

Ang D says:

Can you CAPTION your videos?

Dick Dixon says:

Did a lot of research on hearing aids,however I was uncertain on what provider to use. Friends suggested Sam’s and Hear in Kentucky. I went to H in K first and almost purchased from them. Then I visited Sam’s. Their professional provided a more thorough test, gave better details on the products, and the Sam’s product warranty is superior to anyone and they offered a 90 day no questions return policy. So I chose Sam’s and bought the SIE 64 Speaker-in-the-Ear model. 

kreampuff says:

thank you

Frank Sturm says:

How do your bring AIDS work with glasses? Do they bug you or was that an issue that was there and went away?

junbug1029 says:

Hi Stacy, thank you for the info! Isn’t it amazing? I never suspected you wore hearing aids. xoxo Joan

Alicia says:

I know this video is 6 years old but it was nice to see and hear. I work in a factory and at 28 years old, I’m now suffering from some moderate hearing loss in my left with ringing and all that. I feel too young to be suffering from this kind of stuff but I have made an appointment with an audiologist (as suggested by my job) and figure if they think it’s bad enough I’d get hearing aids. I know I’m a little younger than you but it was nice to see that the aid was tucked enough that you can’t see it. How has your hearing been since? I hope it was worth the money 🙂 Just wanted to say thank you for this vid because it made me feel better about pursuing a hearing aid if I need it.

Dean Bellis says:

@junbug1029 I’m 26, when I was a baby I suffered from very bad ear pains and a lot of infections, I’ve been noticing that I’m struggling to hear higher frequency sounds and in background noise. Last month I decided to get my hearing tested, I found that I have almost 50% high frequency hearing loss. I’m getting hearing aids next week. I’m not expecting too much just  hoping that I can hear a bit better than what I currently can. I’m getting the same style as yours. Did it take you long to get used to wearing them?

Beth Sobol says:

i have hearing aids to but they are bigger

Wise Student says:

NO hearing aid is worth more than $500 for two….They are ripping you off.!!!

Muhammad Rayan says:

meri beti ki 80% loss hua hearing ma to hearing aid ma kitny time tk respons dy gi hearing ma

junbug1029 says:

Thank you, John. I’m happy you found it helpful!

Stiles Watson says:

My wife and I went together to Sam’s Club and were tested. Amazingly, we have very similar Audio profiles. If we swapped devices, we would hardly notice a difference. Both of us have mild to moderate hearing loss. Our main problem is clarity when listening to speech. Too many “huhs” and mishearings. The Engage 32 is sufficient for our needs. It came out to $2500 a pair. Bottom line is that we both were fitted and are enjoying greater hearing and lower TV volume. Today we were in a noisy restaurant with a party of six and we both remarked later that we had no trouble hearing the folks around the table. We are both over 75.

Tom Spears says:

I have gone through four sets of hearing aids since 1990. Satisfied with BTE third pair after a couple of ITE… VA analog ITE cost me nothing and were useless….. $7,000 digital ITC whistled every time I chewed and most of the rest of the time… and people around me could hear the whistle even when I couldn’t. $6,000 BTE I loved… The ones I have now, fourth pair, are less reliable but when they work, they are great. One thing they don’t often tell you is that you can HEAR everything better, but UNDERSTANDING speech often can still be difficult. We get lazy (hearing lazy) when we go a long time with hearing loss and learn to not listen. Strange, but it is very difficult to learn to listen again. My wife says she is going to go buy me a GOOD paid of hearing aids, and I tell her it won’t help. I can hear REALLY good, I understand very badly. They tell me there is a $30,000 how-to-understand-human-speech 6-week in-house clinical course available somewhere in Arizona, and Jo Ann would like to send me to it, but I think I will pass…. I intend to drop by Sam’s Club and buy a set of their aids to replace the failing ones I have now, and search again for an understand-speech training app on-line. 

chulita0413 says:

There starting price are 300.00 per ear up to 2198.90 per ear. And it come with 4yr Warranty and Two years Lost and Damage Coverage. But Services at the Club is Unlimited. Have a wonderful day.

Valli S says:

How ironic!, I have the most similar story to yours on your hearing loss and Sam’s Club. My husband and I are doing diligent research about “Liberty Hearing Aids” and are so happy for your review of them. Thank you for this. I’m wondering, after wearing them for three months, if you have noticed any problem with how the wind affects them? Again, thank you for this fabulous review. I’m getting excited to finally be able to hear what is going on around me.

thamuz01 says:

Medical for me only covered 4k for the ugly kinds… I cant get the nice hearing aids that are 4k unless I pay out of pocket, but I am going to see if I notice a difference before I dish out 4k for the invisible hearing aids. I’m not to happy only being 21 with mild hearing loss :/.  I’m a guy so I have short hair :(.

csilightning says:

I have the same hearing aids and I love them ! Your video helped me make my decision.

Esmat Najibi says:

Hello and thank you for answering !it was convincing. i got two different hearing aids to try each one for one week. today i have appointment in hearing aids shop to try another one.i was told that this new one can be programmed in four program . but as well i must pay more ,that is to say, insurance company pay for one of the two first model .bye the way i can measure blood pressure and pulse , but i have problem speaking with telephone and mobile.when talking with telephone i remove them.

anon mach says:

Thank you very much for this review – I didn’t find any user video review for this hearing aid on the net. Please address my query – do you have to remove this when you use a mobile phone ?

Md Mahin says:

I’m not sure but ,if anyone else wants to learn about the most effective way to reverse tinnitus try  Bardslee Wonderful Tinnitus Relief ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my partner got excellent success with it. 

xxxxoen says:

You are so sweet, thanks for the vid….

Eugene Grewing says:

Are these digital hearing aids? Do they have a music mode?

junbug1029 says:

Hi Deb, now that’s very sweet of him! Lol! xoxo Joan

chulita0413 says:

witch part of PA you live? And if they don’t im very sorry. It’s truly a wonderful product, and service unlimited.

Alfred Hugenberg says:



junbug1029 says:

Hiya Jan! How are you? Yes, I am enjoying them and they work very well. It sucks to get old but it’s better than the alternative! xoxo Joanzy

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