You Don’t Need to Spend $3,000 For Hearing Aids

If you’re looking at spending thousands of dollars on a hearing aid, there may be cheaper solutions.


Brian Longscock says:

My daughter has been longing for one.. im right next to her sometimes and she cant hear me. If you could please help me ill give you my prayers.

Karen Waters says:

I have sensorineural hearing loss (nerve deafness) from the mumps many moons ago. Is there a hearing aid out now for this kind of hearing loss?

Ron Jackson says:

Hearing amplifiers are not in the same category as a hearing aid. The amplifier is usually set at a certain frequency and normally can not be adjusted. And nowadays the amplifiers you hear ads for can also be in the 2000 dollar or more range with no available parts to fix if you find yourself needing service. Honestly the best route is find an independent hearing instrument specialist in your area and have your hearing tested. You would want to find one that independently owned and not funded by a manufacturer like ( widex, resound, phonac, oticon) and see what options they have available after having your hearing tested. Beltone and miracle ear are locked aids meaning you can only have them serviced at their locations. And new hearing aid purchased normally comes with a 3 year warranty ( depending on manufacturers) and once programed to a specific hearing loss can last 5 years or more no issues. In most cases the technology changes ever 6 months or so the the price can differ from makes and models but become cheaper to afford a better aid once the technology has surpassed its prime. Hope this helps.

Yes an amplifier can tend to ‘ help’ a person in some but no most settings as everyone lifestyle is different. Only mild to no hearing loss can benefit from such devices

terry ph says:

Very useful

Hearing Aid Review says:

I found a great deal on the best hearing aid dryer. The ” perfect dry lux ”

Jason Cartledge says:

y please

vorkev1 says:

that is such bull shit and goes to show how drs are just money hungry. she is not going to say yes use the hering add that cost $349 and I get nothing out of when she can say its bad and bill people to see her then collect the 40% of the price of the hering aid she gets from the companie she refers you to. my father recently bought hering adds his insurance was billed almost $3k and he has a $200 deductible well he got them in the mail and is now returning them they are junk. I did some research on them on the internet and foud the exzact same set he got was selling for $25 new on the internet. dr are just money hungry. also a set that lets you adjust them in the ear is the best way to go then they get set right and no computer or dr can tell you how you her things.

Fred Brooks says:

It’s no different than getting your eye glasses off the shelf at the drug store. If your vision is bad enough, drug store glasses will help, but it’s not even close to what you could see with proper prescription lenses. Over-The-Counter (OTC) hearing aids can’t be “fine tuned” to prescriptive loudness targets for soft, medium, and loud speech sounds. They simply over-amplify some sounds and simultaneously under-amplify other sounds. If your hearing is bad enough, they’re helpful, but don’t expect to hear anywhere near your full potential. It does suck that hearing aid manufacturers and hearing aid salesmen both price gouge before “real” hearing aids actually get to the consumer’s ears. Hopefully, crappy OTC aids will force these pirates to quit robbing folks with hearing loss.

chrissy544 says:

Too late for me. I’ve already got roped into buying hearing aids for $6,000. They’re already paid for and I have had any medical issues ruled out so I don’t know why I have had any hearing loss. No one in my family has had hearing loss unless the were old.

Joe Wilson says:

Personal sound amplifiers in no way work as well as hearing aids. They might work well w/the TV, but try wearing them in a restaurant. They’ll run you out of there.

Yosef B Av says:

I’m 29, and i found i need hearing aids. Sucks, I think it’s due to stress. I was in grad school, i lose my mother, and father.. I beyond depressed, Thank G-D I’m doing better. However, i feel like at 29 I’m Physically and mentally breaking down. I’m not depressed, but I’m just so tired of everything… I hope these hearing aids they provide to me work…

Dr B says:

l have purchased an M.D. brand hearing aid. Of all the cheap one’s I’ve tried this one seems the best, and it doesn’t amplify your own voice. Hearing aids is one area where Europeans are getting robbed just like Americans. We have plenty of money for war, but to hell with the people.

nguyenx909 says:

You can also buy one at Walmart for 29.99 if that what your hearing is worth to you that is fine too. SO WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YOUR $350 AMPLIFIER AND THE WALMART AMPLIFER. I am sure you can pull ur teeth out at home too if it works for you fine but dont go preaching it to everyone…

David PR says:

Click bait

Dr B says:

What a scam hearing aids are. A modern cell phone is more sophisticated than a good hearing aid. Americans – and I guess Europeans – are abused by these pirates. If you have the cash, you can hear.

NavySEAL Nick says:

Do we really need to ride a Porsche? Fat bitch!!!

NavySEAL Nick says:

Why would this tiny device cost 3000 dollars? What technology involved? Sound amplification? Noise cancelling? Microphones? Aren’t Apple, Bose, Beats, and Samsung, implement such sophisticated technologies in their products?
But the reason is obvious, all audiologists are just fucking scammers, they raise the prices saying it’s a medical hardware, that’s it.  “A Porsche is better than Kia” Ugly fat bitch.

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