What’s NEW With Hearing Aids in 2019? | Radio Interview with Carol Blonder

What’s NEW With Hearing Aids in 2019? | Radio Interview with Carol Blonder. Cliff Olson, Doctor of Audiology and Founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Anthem Arizona, is interviewed on the radio by Carol Blonder discussing topics like Real Ear Measurement, Over the Counter Hearing Aids, Costco Hearing Aids, and Hearing Loss & Dementia.

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Flavia Fish says:

Costco does REM every time . It is protocol . And, Costco does adjustment or reprogram if need it .

Milledge Hart says:

Dr. Cliff, Thank you for your videos on hearing aids. My hearing aids are 13 years old and when I went in to Costco to have them adjusted, they said they don’t even have the equipment to service them anymore. You spoke of the quality of the Costco hearing aids and I wonder if you were referring to the Kirkland brand. Costco carries other brands at about twice the price. How do they compare to brands you can get elsewhere? I am considering the replacement of my hearing aids and I have never been satisfied with the ones I have. I especially have problems in loud places. When I am in a group, I feel left out. Is there a better solution I should explore? I will watch your other videos for an answer but if you can give me a direction, it might cut down my search time.

Narendra Singh says:

Overall a good discussion covering most of the questions that a hearing loss patient may have.
I want radiologist doctors like you in my country but my bad luck, I found no one who practices well like you.

Michael Corbett says:

You rock Doc!!!

John says:

I have significant “cookie bite” hearing loss (the audiologist called it significant) and my hearing aids do not  help that much with speech understanding, especially where there a lot of ambient noise in a restaurant or at the mall for example.  Did you say in this video that hearing aids are not the best treatment option for this type of loss?  What other hearing treatment option is there? I was prescribed Unitron Quantum M hearing aids 4 years ago.As a side note, I have  a Pocket Talker that I have outfitted with a single ear bud, which I use in quieter surroundings, and this gives me excellent speech recognition using less amplification than my hearing aids. Bluetooth earbuds for my Android phone also give me excellent fidelity at a lower volume for phone calls or music.

Hank Tyler says:

Is it good practice to have REM done more than once in the life of a hearing aid? Perhaps every year or two?

Matt Brown says:

Doctor Cliff… I have extreme hearing loss and have ote Bernafon hearing aids with ear molds. I have had a lot of difficulty getting the ear molds fitted correctly with out ear pain (the mold hurting the ear where it touches.) Then there is dealing with the mold shrinking. Do you know of any new material that doesn’t shrink and fits the ear well without shrinking? It seems that as soon as I get the ear mold to fit correctly it is too loose.

Tom Moser says:

I got hearing aids several months ago. Hansaton SHD 312. Not one person at work even noticed them. You cannot see them at all. The first few days I was ready for someone to say something. Not one person noticed. Weeks have gone by and noone has noticed. I cannot tell you how much they improved my life. And my wife is so happy that I have them. We can have conversations even in a noisy bar or at a party!! I would now rather go without my glasses before going without my “ears”. Your videos help push me to finally get them. I have needed them for probable 15 years!

Seppe Pieters says:

Hello, I also have a cookie bite hearing loss. How are hearing aids not a good option?

M B says:

The audiologist increased the response time of my ReSound hearing aids. The crackling went down but my goodness it’s difficult to understand people now.

Yngve O says:

Informative and clear as always, Dr. Cliff, but maby not so much about new upcoming HA tech or models as expected from the title 😉

But what caught my attention was your saying at ca 5:20 that hearing aids are not always the right treating option for all kinds of hearing loss: 
I have the same kind of hearing loss as you (single sided moderate conductive hearing loss in mid descants = “Cookie-bite”) and our audiograms are almost identical. Tinnitus on both sides, though.
1) what treating option do you choose for your hearing loss?
2) Since I’ve lost my ReSound Linxx2, I need new HA’s and plan to buy the new ReSound Quattro – are these expensive HA’s maby “overkill”? For me, the tinnitus suppressing function is almost more important than fixing the hearing loss. And I want a new solution which have much better sound quality at streaming than the Linxx2. Maybe better the Bragi Dash Pro? I know you have tested them all 🙂

psusarahkate says:

Cliff, this video was great because it was something new and different. I’ve noticed that on YouTube right now “challenges” are very popular. For example, first to leave the circle wins. You should do a hearing related challenge! In college for our intro to Audiology class we had to do a day where we wore an earplug in one ear, then discussed the effects it had on us. You should do the “earplug challenge” for a video!

Shirley Davis says:

Dr. Cliff, it would be extremely helpful if your videos could be sorted by the dates they were posted. I would love to be able to see the most recent videos first.

kiminichu says:

I like this kind of setting of interview over radio. It answers a lot of general questions in one shot! Often googling doesn’t answer those, that’s why hearing aids territories are so scary to step into.

Bryan Burchette says:

As a hearing aid wearer since around birth I just wanna day thank you for all that you do I have taken a lot of advice from your videos and made decisions on my hearing based on your videos so keep up the awesome work and the videos are great

Tom Perkins says:

Hi Dr , I currently have the Phonac com pilot and they are not living up to my expectations. I thought going from ITE to OTE would be better but have too many cons. First I should say I was born with treacher-Collins syndrome which impacted my hearing at birth. On average I have 75dbls loss in my right ear and about 55 dbl loss in left ear. It is more profound in bass sounds vs treble sounds. My first problem has to do with my glasses and hair touching the receiver and making too much noice. Secondly, I have not been able to sync my iPhone with the aids. So now I want to go back to ITE aids but would also like to have Bluetooth. Any suggestions?

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