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What is the best hearing aid?

Answer: The one that was fit & programmed the best.

Time and Time again, people think that the newest, latest, and greatest hearing aids will help them hear better. Truth is, they will, only if they are fit using Best Practices. You can have the best hearing aid in the world and if it isn’t fit using Best Practices, it will not perform to its maximum.

Secret: Go to a provider that doesn’t just send you home with a demo of the newest hearing aid. You should actually be going through a complete fitting, or you risk not hearing to your maximum capability.


cplrey says:

Cliff: I just sent you a comment on one of your other videos (I just discovered your channel tonight) and after watching this video I have another question. You emphasized again that your hearing aids need to be fitted to the individual which makes sense. My question is who is qualified to fit someone with hearing aids. As I understand it you are a Dr. of Audiology and perform the fitting service for your clients. At what point does an MD need to be involved or is that not necessary.

Originally my ears were checked by a Dr. using the old tuning fork method. When he finished he told me I had significant hearing loss and should go to one of the many places in my area that sell hearing aids. I went to a hearing aid retail establishment and after what I considered a very low tech test consisting of “can you hear me now?” I wrote a check for 6 K and walked out the door. The MD that started me on the journey did not provide me with a prescription. Instead it was “just tell them that Dr. Knight sent you”.

If I’m going to start over, should I go to an ear-nose-throat specialist first and ask him to recommend an audiologist or should I start with an audiologist? Thank you.

kenji ito says:

Thanks so much for the clarity on this subject!

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