Senator Elizabeth Warren: Warren-Grassley Bill for Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids

Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke with Dr. Jeffrey Shuren, Director of the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health, about her bipartisan bill with Senator Chuck Grassley to make some hearing aids available over the counter.

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Travis Higuet says:

Amusing that she is complaining about government regulation, given who she is and what she generally believes. I like how she’s even aware of the irony, and attempts to set aside this issue specifically, as if government over regulation is normally fantastic, but just in this one instance, maybe we should get out of the damned way and let the free market provide better products to more people for cheaper.

Stephen Hohsfield says:

why the he’ll is the goverment involved with my personal health insurance stay the he’ll out of i t you democrats can f…….. up a wet dream.

dragonboy718 says:

amazing how medicare does not cover hearing aids…..was so surpised wen my dad needed one and had to pay…..

Wide Awake says:

E.W. aka shitting bull

Michael Kelly says:

Senator Warren. I don’t know how you have the energy to keep pushing so hard. I am Canadian but I still ask that not stop. Common sense reforms need to return to America!

Jeb Beich says:

Way to go, E-dubs!

Playboysmurf1 says:

I thought all politicians have complete hearling loss.

ikungfuyou2 says:

Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids is a BAD idea … You honestly think a 70 year old is going to be able to self diagnoses the loss and put his/her Rx in a medical hearing aid? Not to mention auto-logic red flags audiologist, ENTs, and Specialists are trained to direct when testing. Japan and China have OTC hearing aids, with LOW satisfaction rates.

BiddieTube says:

I have for quite some time been considering making these. I was rough guessing I could make and sell a pair for around $400, to $600. I have audio experience, and completely understand how to calibrate the frequency response based on hearing loss db chart. And I also understand that if someone is -90db at 2000hz that one can not boost 2000hz by 90db. I understand the electronics, and can very cheaply design and build a circuit. My unit would have earpods and a small box to carry in a pocket. I wonder if people would be interested in this. I have no intention to market it, would just be word of mouth. And now this video, I get the impression THEY could put me in a cage if I provided this most respectful service to needy people who would otherwise not have any hearing aids. I would have never thought they would not be able to be sold, as this video implies.
Maybe I could create the project as some opensource thing, provide all the plans, the schematic, the cad files to make the pcb, parts list, etc. Then I wounder if I could then sell preassembled circuit boards, the case, the screws, the jacks, and then any customer could buy the pieces as a kit and pretty much snap it together. Would that be legal? Hearing aide by me go for around $6,500.00 for a pair. EDIT: I cant spell right, correction made

Bernadette Hurst says:

Thank you, Senator Warren! This will help so many people!

rakesfunnyfarm says:

I need one now.

Art Koslinski says:

America where you have to fight for the most BASIC things

R0773N says:

Previously I have not liked her but I like her work with hearing aids.


This bill takes us back to a pre-1977 wilderness when unlicensed dispensers were selling hearing aids with no accountability. This bill also removes the current FDA Red Flags which protects consumers from misdiagnosis of their own hearing issues, such as brain tumors, otalgia, and other serious medical issues.

The current laws require that licensed fitters identify these serious medical issues and refer to the proper physicians. This law waives any responsibility.

Furthermore, the OTC hearing aids proposed for mild hearing loss are already available for under $500, including professional fitting and care, ex. most local providers, Costco etc… The more expensive hearing aids are used for more complicated losses and would not be covered by this bill. Hearing aids are complex computers made for a limited market. They require service and adjustment as hearing changes over time. They will never be the price of simple reading glasses, as many politicians naively compare them to.

People will die from self-misdiagnosis of morbidities such as brain tumors, there is no question. We see these symptoms several times a year at our small practice. People will also be scammed by unlicensed/untrained fitters and purchase the wrong technology, wasting their money.

The US currently has one of the highest consumer satisfaction rates in the world, with a very high consumer penetration rate, even compared to countries with “free” hearing aids. Japan has a similar system to what this bill proposes and has abysmal satisfaction and penetration rates, with no professionals to help available anymore.

Sometimes we do not know what we have until it’s gone.

Nahla Fouad says:

Love you Warren!

Paul Warren says:


Carrville Brown says:

It would be helpful if information were included on this YouTube page indicating which Senate Committee or Subcommittee this was for. It would also be helpful if information were included as to who, where and how to contact the Committee in the event we cared about this issue and wished to express and convey our views to individual members. Thanks

MyIRisHFriend C says:

I just received my first pair at 29 years old, and do you think i paid 6200 for these hearing aids? No, but someone else did for me. Do you think any working American could afford a pair of hearing aids????? Hearing aids are insanely expensive. If i didn’t have the support of this organization i would still be in a shamble..I wouldn’t recommend over the counter, unless with purchase of hearing aids the person purchasing them get a free hearing adjustment examination coupon with them. Something where they can go visit a doctor, and have them fitted properly free of charge.

Joe Anderson says:

Great stuff Senator

Home of the Mad says:

“And yet she persisted” We love you Warren.

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