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Hearing aids are very expensive and some people wonder if a cheaper device won’t do the trick. The MSA 30X- check it out here- claims only to be a “sound amplifier” and it does do that. It makes everything louder, much louder, if you want. But it does have a hiss that kept me from hearing distant sounds any more clearly than with just my unaided ear. And it seemed to boost all sounds equally- whereas I would rather have the frequency of human voice lifted out of the environmental sounds and boosted by itself. But if all you want is louder the MSA 30x can make things very loud.

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Alivia ! says:

Thanks so much. i I’m supposed to be wearing hearing aids, but I lost them when I moved. Do you think this would help me here basic sounds, conversations with other for ; example like in a school classroom setting. You really did good on this video. Do do you think they would give me a headache if i have them on all day. Do think they would help somebody who is supposed to wear hearing aids from a physician. thank you if anybody has try this product and knows if it works or doesn’t work please email me at

Roxsan Ambrosini says:

Nicely manicured nails. Handsome guy…

david norman says:

I bought it at Walmart for $10- July 17, 2017

JW says:

Interesting review and nice honest opinions regarding this device. I just bought one… I think you are forgetting one very important thing about the human condition. We have a very powerful and natural ability that most people are totally and blissfully unaware of. We have the ability to filter out unwanted sounds and selectively listen to sounds that we want to hear. Even people with limited hearing are able to do this to varying degrees.

When I bought mine I charged as required, then turned it on for the first time. It is actually doing a decent job at amplifying audio sounds of just about every type and kind from low, to high. The low tones are a bit weak, but the higher tones and sounds are amplified pretty well. When I turned it on I started to listen and could hear sounds that I have not heard in many, many years, much to my surprise… Yes, there is an audible hissing sound that is emitted by this assisted audio enhancement device. My interpretation to this, is that this device is nothing more than “Old-School” hearing aid electronics. Electronics that was created many years ago. It was just taken and modified so that it is rechargeable, something that most expensive $2000.00 hearing aids cannot do as yet.

I found after only a few minutes, that my brain was starting to filter out the unwanted sounds and I was able to focus more on the sounds I wanted to hear. That’s pretty cool. Now, the audible hissing noise is an annoyance to some people. But to somebody like me, it is actually an advantage and enhances the hearing in my right ear considerably. It is an advantage because my hearing is plagued by intensive and very invasive “Tinnitus,” with a persistent and very loud ringing in both hears. This makes hearing sounds extremely difficult for me. The hissing sound actually works at suppressing the “Tinnitus” considerably and I am able to focus much more easily on the sounds that I want to hear.

And although this is NOT the answer to a medical hearing aid, it IS, old school hearing aid technology. For people who cannot afford to buy a hearing aid I would suggest at least giving this a try. My hearing is very poor, with more than 68% gone in my left ear, and nearly 90% gone in my right side. I hear low notes exceptionally well in both ears, but the mid tones and high tones are nearly all gone. In short, I am more than 80% deaf. This device was a pleasant surprise to me and I for one am glad that it works as it does…

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Although they seem insightful and in fact, may be, I found them to be a bit lacking and even shortsighted. It was done in the span of only a few minutes of this short video and was not very thorough. I am willing to take this device and do a thorough test on it to see if my hearing is improved or not. So far, the results are pleasingly good.

David Thomas says:

huh? speak up!

Lex Lum says:

FYI Those amplifiers are extremely dangerous for your ears!  Do not buy them, you have to get the real proscribed one from the Dr.  If you don’t believe me do some research! 

raani kh says:

Is this product available in any store in Toronto, Canada

buffy mullin says:

Your comments are way off base — there is no hissing sound emitted from the ear piece!  who are you working for??  These amplifiers are perfect for many people!  I love mine and I’ve lost hearing in both ears!  Do not listen to this idxxxt!

Amanda Sillanpaa says:

I like it but I WISH  that it could have the ability to be paired to my cellphone.

ZakkandtheJ says:

fuck that was funny when you had it up so loud you almost fell over. great vid as always man

Neat Gifts says:

Nice review.

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roogermoore1 says:

thanks for the video. took about an hour to charge. not sure how long the charge will last. did not work well with the TV 10 feet away. I guess you get what you pay for. The echo was too much. I would not recommend this purchase

susan wright says:

bought and use i like it.

Lysol Disinfectant says:

It does work for what it supposed to do , the problem is with the wire that go’s to the earpiece. The wire is way too long and over time becomes cut from putting the earpiece in and out no matter how careful you are with it. I just got a sentire med sm-202 and this is 100% better by far.

Christian K says:

You can buy it at Fred’s for $19.99. I bought one for my aunt today

Gail DeCoteau says:

RE: JW’s statement the everyone has the natural ability to filter sounds. Unfortunately, I am NOT one of the individuals. Some folks are born with this problem. Of course IF the condition is diagnosed when very young, there are therapies available today. They were NOT available 60 years ago.

Roshaan Thomas says:

Love that intro Paris! I’ve always wondered how Horton heard the who

trimel81 says:

you didnt say how long to charge for it to be fully charged, even on the packaging “charges half the time”….how long???

Anita Anita says:

This was not a very good review because you had it in your right ear and you couldn’t hear The TV out in your brothers room. You put it in your left ear turned your computer on you had both turned up on high and it was too loud. You should’ve kept it in the same ear at the same volume when you change from the TV in the other room to the computer right next to you. A lousy demonstration. My hearing isn’t the best and I have tried these and they’re great. Of course not as good as your expensive hearing aids but this is great when you don’t have the money to get the expensive hearing aids. These are also great for dementia patients that always miss place they’re hearing aids. You can replace them at such a low cost over and over again. It’s not worth buying the expensive ones for dementia people.

Bubba Rand says:

I own a $2,000. hearing aid that is about as sophisticated as a tree stump.  ON–OFF–VOLUME.  It works OK in a quiet room with no background noise and with a person speaking to me who has the good sense to look at me when they speak.  Two reasons for looking at me: 1. So I can’t read their lips, and 2. so they can see the look of discomfort on my face when I can’t hear them.  Remember this:  It is the speaker’s responsibility to make themselves heard.  Enough of my rant.  This low cost device looks like it’s worth a try.  A bit of advice: Have a local audiologist make an earmold for you to use in place of the earbud.  About $75.00.  Worth it.

miaskittens D says:

I’ve tried various amplifiers with no real success. They all have that background hiss so the louder the volume the louder the hiss and they amplify all sounds, not just what you want to hear. So if you are trying to watch TV and the air conditioning or furnace kicks in that sound will be amplified as well so you can no longer hear the TV.

Agus Hipolito says:

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Kumar Deziux says:

When wear, you should show backside too.

Robert Arsenault says:

My wife bought this for my father-in-law, but way-too-much hissing, distortion, and feedback (squealing). Probably more harmful than beneficial. It’s going back to the store, period!

Terreance Leake says:

try turn down level 2 or 3 not can be not up to 4 and level 1 too low volume I never see that before that MSA 30x hearing aids not call to it call name of as seen TV HUH ? that not sound like of name ?? ok all right that that name MSA 30x hearing people help can hear that $19.99 🙂 make sure of ear size right that why 🙂 can hear better even

Anita Anita says:

It was supposed to say other room not brothers room.

My other comment is that I feel you should’ve tried it out for a few days before doing your video for something like this.

CryBaby Cruz says:

I believe his loud shirt made me deaf

68corvette08 says:

The package may say that the device isn’t for hearing impaired people, but with my 50% hearing loss in my right ear, it does help me hear better and more clearly.

H3ddo says:

well i would not use it for TV thats for sure

خالد المحمد says:


Stephen Gault Smith says:

We got one for my father. It’s not $3000 hearing aid but then again it’s not $3000 every 6 months when he loses one. Big bonus NO TINY BATTERIES!
While I agree it’s not a “Hearing Aid” it does amplify sound and is very easy to use.
For those not very adept with small devices and with significant hearing loss this a good alternative to large expenditures and difficult to use devices.

DragoBalboa says:

Your review was very helpful. I was going to buy one, but…….not now.
Thanks 🙂 !!

Penelopy says:

Can you test this out in public places?

Co⊙zeB○Yz says:

dont forget to like and leave a comment!

EpicReviewGuys says:

Fixed that- thank you.

Kathleen Bock says:

So glad I saw this review before I ordered it

Pat Anderson says:

I found that the rechargeable battery does not last long.   About 3 months and it will no longer recharge.    I found a couple of ones that do work for about a year at Amazon that use regular batteries   but what works the best for me is an amplifier that you can put in your pocket and use the music type ear buds.   That amplifier has more sound and volume control  and mine is not 3 years old,  it uses rechargeable triple A batteries.

Alex Reents says:

Wrong URL

Sylvie Bellerose says:

they do help for hearing lost

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