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Hi, my name is Dr. Holly Lish and I’m going to show you today the proper way to insert a Receiver in the Canal Hearing Aid. One type is this type which has an open dome that goes into your ear and this little tail which acts as a retention tail to keep the hearing aid in your ear. This part of the device rests over the top or the back of your ear. I think the easiest way to insert it is to slide this part of the hearing aid over the top of the ear just like this and it rests similar to where the stem of your eyeglasses would lay. The next part is you want to get the dome in your ear. And you want to put the dome, so that it goes into the canal and then, you see this tail right here? That’s the retention tail. You want to flip this in the lower bowl of your ear canal and then push the hearing aid in an upward motion into the ear canal.
The way you know you have it in correctly is that the wire here rests flush up against the side of your head. There’s no gaps or spaces here. It looks perfectly up against the side of your head. The last thing you want to do is just make sure everything is secure over the back of your ear. That’s how you put in the style that has the dome on the end. When you remove it you can pull from the tail and take it out just like that.
Some of you that wear that style of hearing aid might actually have a custom ear mold on the end. Its a little different but the process is pretty much the same. You wanna slide the hearing aid over the top of the ear. If you have hair in a way you want to move it out of the way and you want to slide the hearing aid over the top of your ear. Then you want to feel for the ear mold portion and you want to tuck it into the canal so that it goes in the hole and then with your finger you wanna slide it all the way in so that it goes all the way in. Notice for this ear my ear canal happens to be very small so I opened it up with one hand and I slid the wire closer to the side of my face. But, you notice when it goes in correctly, everything is flush here. And that is how you insert a Receiver in the Canal Hearing Aid. I hope this video was helpful


개같은병신 says:

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