How the ear works

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Many of us take for granted a very extraordinary ogan… our ears. To understand the ear, we need to understand what sound is.

The speakers you are listening to right now are vibrating…flexing in and out causing a wave of pressure through the air

The frequency of these waves, or the speed at which the sound creating surface moves back and forth affects the pitch of the sound. The level of air pressure in each wave is directly related to how loud the sound is.

The outer part of our ear catches these waves. It faces forward and has a specially designed structure of curves helping us to determine the direction of sound, and emphasize frequencies used in human speech

Now that the sound waves are caught, they travel through the ear canal and strike against our eardrum…a thin membrane about 10 mm wide.

Now that we received the sound, the middle ear transfers this energy.
The smallest bones in your body, the Malleus, Incus, and Stapes start in motion.

The Malleus is attached to the eardrum, and as the sound travels along the force is amplified by leverage until it arrives at the Stapes which acts like a reverse piston creating waves in the fluid of the inner ear.

The most significant increase in pressure is caused by pneumatic amplification. The face of the stapes has a surface area of 3.2 square mm, while the eardrum has a surface area of 55 square mm. Using this, along with leverage through the Malleus and Incus, the final pressure is 22 times greater than when the sound first arrived.

Now we come to the most complicated part of hearing… the Cochlea. In reality, it is coiled up, but it is easyer to understand straightned out.

There are actually three chambers inside, but lets take a look at the central part.

The stapes is cuasing pressure waves to travel through the structure. Along the inside wall is about 20-30k reed like fibers. As the waves move along they encounter fibers with the correct resonant frequency and energy is released.

These fibers aren’t actually what give us the signal that we heard something. There is a special structure next to these fibers containing hair cells. When the hair fibers resonate, they cause the hair cells to move, which then sends an electrical impulse to the cochlear nerve, and on to the brain. Certain pitches of sound will resonate in specific locations, and louder sounds will cause more hair cells to move.

Our brain interprets all this raw data, making it possible to enjoy things like music, or an engaging conversation.

Just to think that all of this is happening in your head right now at full speed.

And not just one, but two of these sophisticated instruments are giving you the amazing sense of hearing. This is just one of the amazing systems found in the human body that go far beyond our humble human understanding.




bibek gautam says:

every piece of our body is so perfectly engineered by creator , WOW !!

konan 77 says:

(وَفِي أَنْفُسِكُمْ ۚ أَفَلَا تُبْصِرُونَ)
[Surat Adh-Dhariyat 21]
صدق الله العظيم

Vinay Gupta says:


Ravi Gaurav Pandey says:

Why don’t we hear the inner sounds like heartbeat or sound made by blood circulation, respiration etc? And why we start hearing these things while suffering from tinnitus?

Srikanth Raj says:

Ego is a illusion.

MrGAMECATCanaveral says:

Video is confusing

Kamran A. says:

God is the creator

Nigus Tadesse says:

They know the creator is God, but they don’t want to admit his existence because they want the $$$ from the people by confusion. So far, they are rich and they just don’t want to hear about after death facts.

However, they didn’t gain anything and we the people of God haven’t lost anything. Things are very proportional. God is good.

Slim Shady says:

I’m listening to this with earbuds in with low volume

Paras Productions says:

which favours of ur lord will you (both) deny

Double Doggo says:

There’s only one explanation for this beautiful machine of an organ …. Evolution by natural selection

mohd rafiq mir says:

Very nice sir


nice n infotnative
but dispay of the parts in text wl b more useful

Double Doggo says:

Proof of evolution by natural selection

Inayat Ullah Sheikh says:

All thanks is to Allah who blessed us with these organs.Now our duty is to bow down before Allah.


Im watching this video using my ear

Smitha Jayakrishnan says:

Very nice explanation thank u


Amazingly presented, thnku so much


when i think a bout ear drum( thampanum memebrain) and the three bones mis or has, i wonder on the work of God. God Is Might and 10q for this amazing vid.

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jim rai says:

Thesedays I don’t give a shit about general doctors!tht right simple doctors we have more knowledges than those people they always gives me a hood laught whenever they becomes doc.when I’m mendatory to see them!

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WiZaRd says:

Our body is made with so complex engineering, wow..

General Makaba says:

lol I am reading the CC cause I cant Hear.

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Allah is over all things competent.

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Jake Rodney-Brown says:

this video has chnaged my life so much and i just wanted tell u how much this video has changed my life so thank u

Harman Mehra says:

great sir



Russ Charif says:

Pretty visualization and makes some good points not mentioned in the many other videos on how hearing works (like the way that the tympanic membrane and ossicles together provide major mechanical amplification of the pressure wave that strikes the eardrum). However, some aspects of the process are oversimplified to the point of being almost misleading. The way in which the cilia of the hair cells are moved by the overlying tectorial membrane is completely omitted.

Duck Tape says:

Beautiful !

Sonja Hunt says:

Hi there! I absolutely love your graphics in here. I am trying to teach a grade 4 class about sound and how we hear sound. They are actually the ones that found your video and have learned from it and enjoyed it. I am wondering if you would consider making a much more simple version for elementary age students?!

fayyaz Ali says:

Allah is the greatest

QRS3C273 says:

Can there be design without a designer?

Strom says:

Evolution baby!

Double Doggo says:

Evolution by natural selection is great

AnamulHaque Jamil says:

Sir please suggest me..I am suffer in 2 years in left leg pain,,my main pain is knee and her down side,I have a bad habit is masterbetion,I was do this so my pain is very increase this time..

Dylan Barthel says:

my ears hurt

Ananya Gupta says:

This was an incredible explanation – thanks!

bigmac says:

This is waaaay beyond what evolution could ever accomplish. This is the wonderful work of God.

ear says:

thhanks for learning about me

Dilendra Reang says:

Things for the video.

mitch019850 says:

Pfft. Typical over engineered German trash

Real Islamic Guidance says:

There are many signs of the presence of Allah Almighty for those who ponder !!!

sujith chaminda says:

wow.Top animation

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