Fitting and maintaining a hearing aid – A Chesterfield Royal Hospital guide

This video gives you a demonstration and instructions on how to fit and use an NHS Hearing Aid, written by and filmed with the support of the Chesterfield Royal Hospital’s Audiology Department.



I’m completely deaf in my right ear And. My left a little bit

tare tare says:

السلام عليكم

joy says: Vintage Interacoustics Screening Audiometer AS7 (SAICO SCR2) Serial 3666 ))

fati neiva says:

Estou na fase inicial da colocação dos aparelhos auditivos ,espero obter bons resultados

Anaya Fatima says:

plz tell me hearnig aid out of sound not all the outside do

Holly Naldrett says:

I have hearing aids to and that’s some imformachan

Deepak Singh says:

I have OTICON hearing machine.. i am suffering with a big problem from last 2 months. Its not working even not ON.i already replaced batteries, clean pipe etc… but still its not ON.. what can i do ? please help me. even i didnt get any service centers too..please help me ..

Ian Hoskins says:

Thanks, helped me to figure out how to put a new tube in 🙂

Simon Marsden says:

Very useful, thanks.


Hearing Aid improved amplifies sound from the microphone straight to your headphones to give enhanced hearing.

Razia Ali says:


cabbage pult 9000 says:

that’s some good info YouTube

Scary gaming says:

My tube came out as I was trying to clean it :/

Barbara Clayton says:

Brilliant video because we do not have any instructions and had forgotten how it operated – husband is very bad at using his aids. He has Parkinson’s and can no longer operate the aids himself so I’ve had to take over. This video showed the model aid he has and how it all works so I now know what to do.

luisa gomes says:


dmana3172 says:

I know what you’re saying. I think higher end hearing aids won’t make you feel 90.

Mr reviewer uk says:

how can you remove the top half of the hearing aid tube?? I snapped it by accident

Susan29319 says:

The ladies tubing isn’t long enough on her ear mould

The Thundercool says:

This has nothing to do with the subject on the video, but, what a lively voice to hear while receiving instructions.

Maria Leone says:

It worked!!!!!!

Dustin Trader says:

I’m 10 and I’m getting a hearing aid.

Craig Braidwood says:

Im 12 and it will make me feel 90 aswell lol 😛

HOHNancy says:

Not me….I’ve been wearing hearing aids since I was 2. I never felt “old” wearing it. 🙂

Ruslana Whiteside says:

I have the some Hearing aid!!

Dana Williams says:

I like this video because it gives you instructions, but one time when I was in high school, teachers wanted us kids to test a hearing aid out to see what it was like to wear one. When it was my turn to test out the hearing aids, the sound of my talking to the teachers really hurt my ears extremely badly. The reason being is because I have very sensitive hearing due to the lack of a site that I have. Every three years when I get my hearing tested, I always get asked the same question about needing a hearing aid. And the question is “Do you need a hearing aid?”. The other questions on the paperwork have always been asked the same way about whether if my family thinks I need a hearing aid and whether if I think I need a hearing aid. What the audiologists don’t seem to understand, is that I do not need hearing aids and I have sensitive hearing. I am tired of giving them the same old song and dance every time I go in to get my hearing tests. I realize that they need to do this in order to keep track of my history, but my answer will always be “no” unless something does change.

Dennell Harper says:

Hearing aids

faycal taieb deaf says:

awww oh see yes good me deaf love it know bb happy okay

Bill Reynolds says:

Wonderful….subtitling so people know what’s going on. Boots needs this hospitals help as they have a imagination “under-load”……

tony crawford says:

Lovely Clear VideoI have been wearing Aids about 13 yrs now, & Have now got a Hearing LoopWhat a difference, Lovely & clear Plus Louder for me,, I’m HappyI saw a vid wear someone was still giving the old Aids to wear, Depends wear you live & What there NHS Spends Money on,,    I’m Very Lucky & Happy   Now

GA y Y AYYAYY YA YY ay y YYAGA Y Gaya yag ay GAYA GAGAYA Ygay yakashi fuck mehard bruh gay ya says:

Even though I’m not deaf, I’m watching this.

deadblock3 says:

block the airtube, you will get a nice better bass sound. trust me

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