Difference Between a Hearing Aid and a Hearing Amplifier

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A hearing aid and personal hearing or sound amplifier, both actually perceive sound as input. Thus, they both amplify and deliver sound direct to the ear. The distinction of the names really stemmed from the FDA’s purpose of regulating one and not regulating the other. The FDA solely regulates hearing aids, not Personal sound Amplifiers.

A hearing aid is a sound-amplifying device worn for the sheer purpose of compensating impaired hearing. On the other hand, a personal hearing amplifier is a wearable device intended to amplify sounds within the environment for non-hearing disadvantaged consumers, for several reasons including recreational activities. Hearing aids are usually more costly but with better quality as they are devised for the benefit of those with hearing problems. Personal hearing amplifiers, however, are usually inexpensive and with sparse features.

The use of hearing aids are adjudged necessary and essential by the doctor after thorough examinations. Therefore, they are prescribed in contrast to personal hearing amplifiers, which people are usually discouraged to use if not necessary as frequent usage could lead to hearing damage.


David de Neufville says:

For mild hearing loss, I would recommend the Dixie Hear Cups, available at Amazon. They work exactly like cupping your ears.

The Senior List says:

Great stuff! Thanks.

Orih Maitte Surun says:

Orih Maitte Surun

Joseph Stokes says:

This format is so pitiful we refuse to endure it! This is 3rd grade horseshit.


The hearing aid has been used by me for the last three years . But now my aid machine does not operate properly. . Would you like to advise me about this?

Joshua Posion says:

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roshan khadgi says:

and poor people can’t afford hearing aid .

John H says:

They basically do the same. The higher price ofthe hearing aid isnt always justified.

Leslie Moraga says:

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