Baby hears his mom for the first time with hearing aids.

Update: Elijah came down with a small ear infection in the beginning of the summer and we discovered that he lost all of his residual hearing. He is now profoundly deaf and is suspected to hear some pitches at 90-100 db. This news hit us pretty hard. Elijah will be having surgery in mid October for bilateral cochlear implant surgery. This will give him a 2nd chance at near normal hearing. His activation will be in the beginning of November. We will be posting his activation video shortly after. Follow his journey by clicking the “Follow” button.
Support our gofundme campaign to assist in the medical expenses associated with Elijahs Cochlear Implant Surgery.

My son got his first hearing aids at 9 weeks of age.
Elijah was born with severe/profound deafness. He can hear at 75 decibels on his right ear and his left ear is profoundly deaf. The blinking was just his initial reaction to the new sounds he heard.

Here’s a link to Elijah’s story

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Sameer D'Souza says:

He is sooooo cuttiiiiieeee….lovely

Фрэнк Каупервуд says:

Всё это, конечно, хорошо, но ребёнку ещё рано в таком возрасте сидеть, позвоночник портится, а мамаша посадила его на колено и так и держит.

Preeti Lochab says:


Maria Dacosta says:

Mummy is speaking too loud for the occasion…

Kenan Thoughts says:

Poor little angel. You are so cute. I hope you’re okay now.

jessie james says:

The Mother shd speak softly. I know she’s new at this but the ENT speacilist shd advise.

Hindustani Hindustani says:

tears in my eyes god bless them

Yohana Asmelash says:

nice family,God bless him

Arisa Chan says:

Who cut the onion ??!!

Flawless Stone says:

It’s like she is responded to her mother whatever her mom say to her, so unique and beautiful

Amanda 83 says:


Megha Gaonkar says:

The baby is so adorable. May God Bless the baby always..I should say that mother is very strong.

Big Gg says:

What a dingbat

Vignesh Rachha says:

433 morons!

Saria The Hedgehog says:

So cute

M &M says:

What a blessing. …beautiful, and adorable baby!!!!

Ruby Rain says:

Awe I almost cried

ViewTheTechz says:

Mamma is best in the world.. n to listen her is wowwwwwwww.. wow kid wow mamma

Rahul Vaishu says:

wowwww cute

kathy maxted says:

Aww :’)

D&Y DYV says:

Dislikeees ??? What kind of people do this ?? Honestly guys… if you don’t like it then don’t watch it !!!
That little angel my God so sweet ! God Bless You Elijah !!! God Bless you

Andel Prempeh says:

He confused

Nicoletta Cecchini says:

Aww. So precious n heartwarming!

Minnie Playz says:

this mom is an idiot, she just left his head hanging, no support. I would of killed myself if I had a mom like her.

Heru- deshet says:

The closest thing to an angel on Earth.

Von Alyson Greg says:

the connection… the voice…the smile.. the baby and the mom…

Anayah Akhtar says:

Love u baby .soooooooo cute.

Creative Moments says:

Soooooo cute

Fibry Halla Fanani says:

This is honestly so precious my heart feel content

Tania Singhania says:


Meaghan Cowles says:

the best

NaturallyTeeCee says:

Aw! So precious!

Pearl Young says:

Awwww, so cute

Robloxies loves says:

So cuteeee

K And J Video Games says:


OnePunch Man says:

i really wanna meet the “people” who dislikes videos like these

Angelena Pulis says:

This is the sweetest!

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