4 BEST Hearing Aid Features In 2018!

What are the best hearing aid features? Dr. Clifford Olson, Audiologist and founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Anthem Arizona discusses his 4 favorite hearing aid features in 2018.

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There are a ton of awesome hearing aid features that exist today. However there are 4 that I believe are the biggest game changers and most practical from a treatment standpoint.

#4. Acoustically Optimized Ear Mold Vents – Ear Molds are the most overlooked feature of hearing aids because most hearing care professionals default to generic rubber domes. However, you can’t control the vent size to optimize the acoustics of the hearing aid. That is why Phonak identifies the exact correct ear mold vent size to treat specific types of hearing loss allowing you to hear your best by matching your hearing loss prescription.

#3. OpenSound Navigator – The feature that allows the Oticon OPN hearing aid to eliminate the sensation of tunnel vision with hearing aids in a noisy environment made the OPN hearing aids some of the most popular hearing aids on the market over the past 2 years. It allows you to hear better in background noise without making you face who you want to hear.

#2. Made for iPhone technology – Being able to stream phone calls into both ears significantly improves speech understanding for individuals with hearing loss. Not only that, but you can stream any audio directly from your iPhone into your hearing aids.

#1. AutosenseOS by Phonak – AutosenseOS is the automatic program from Phonak that adjust the hearing aid programming depending on the environment that you are in. The funny thing is that research indicates that it is better at identifying the correct settings for your hearing aids better than a human is. You also don’t have to worry about using a push button to change programs because it does this for you.

Just remember, it doesn’t matter what features you have in your hearing aids if you haven’t had Real Ear Measurement performed on them. To see why Real Ear Measures are the most important factor that will determine your success with hearing aids watch this video: https://youtu.be/cHR0Oa6I-wY


Monkey Man says:

Phonak is horrible. I had them. Could not understand when I got a call. The molded piece for your ear was uncomfortable and sweaty. Resound’s are at least 10 times better. Phonaks cost what Resounds do but won’t stream music you can’t hear a call in both ears and it won’t work with their mic. Really bad advice to ever recommend Phonak. P.S. I live in Corpus Christi TX and went to VA to get my hearing aids. I tried to get R.E.M.’s done to no avail. All I keep getting is that it don’t matter etc. The V.A. is just horrible to get hearing aids through. It took me a year and a lot calls to get them to do their job.

Michael Parrott-MacLeod says:

It looks like Phonak Audeo B is my next hearing aid.

Shirley Davis says:

In Dec of 2017 I my right ear was fitted with Phonak Audeo B-90 13 with a telecoil, my left ear has a Cross B. Does this have the Auto-Sense feature?

Personal Spam says:

Can you do a review of the ComPiliot Air ii?

tay r says:

Do hearing aids help with tinnitus? My tinnitus is making me go insane and I can’t fathom a life time of this

jambience says:

Hi Dr. Cliff, I have left normal to asymmetric several SNHL. On my 250, 500, 1k hz, it is normal. For 1.5k hz there is 40 db hearing loss. From 2k to 6k hz it is from around 50-60 db hearing loss. For 8k hz there is about 70 db hearing loss. Assuming my ear canal fits the hearing aid, am I a candidate for any invisible hearing aids? What about CIC hearing aids? I also suffer from tinnitus and from sharp/shrill sound distortions — will this help with that? My right right ear is fine. My left is the one that’s problematic. Thanks! love your videos

My Holy says:

Hi. I think you are very helpful and I would like some of your advice, I’m 20 years old. While I was in Thailand, over a year ago, I got an ear infection due to diving. I got some antibiotics from a pharmaceutical and when I came home to Sweden I visited a doctor who did some tests and gave me two different kind of ear drops with antibiotics which cured the inflamation.

Now I have started to get issues with my ear again. It clogges very easy, especially when exercising, and it hurts. Some sounds also “crack” and are sounding horrible in the ear. I visited a hospital with specialists today but was very disappointed by the service and price.
They wanted to do a hearing examination but I don’t know what to expect and to the expencive price.

What kind of issue do you think I am dealing with? If I agree on the expencive test, what sould I expect?

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