Widex Beyond Hearing Aid Review

NJ Audiologist reviews the new Widex Beyond, made for Apple iPhone, digital hearing aid.


Mike Spille says:

Thank you for the review. I have just tried a pair and I love the the MFI capability but when used with any iPhone app I got sound interruptions and popping at an unacceptable level. My wife tried them with her iPhone and found the same issue. The controller app works great and is very useful for customization and volume adjustments.

Laurence Lee says:

Can you use the equaliser when not listening through the phone i.e external speakers etc?

Abeer Sallam says:

Can anyone of Widex original office read my complain and reply in email, I have not taken my cic till this moment!!!! Anyone cares????!

Dear Widex,

I have used Widex since I was 11 years old in my country Yemen.
When i came to Malaysia i tried to reach you then i found “Profit”. they told me at the beginning that they are the only one who can repair my CIC of Widex brand.

Anyway, in JULY 2018 I gave them my CIC to fix the filter because it went out after that I got my CIC was not working and i can not hear like before.. I asked what happened?? Kenny Said there is a problem with microphone!! suddenly a problem with microphone!!

Then they asked for cost repair 380RM with 3 months warranty or take a new haring aid with different model which is vital that costs 1650RM with 2 years warranty.. when i said i gave my CIC with no problem!! then he said it is for free and convening me that the vital is better because if just replace the microphone would take 3 months.. however i told him how come to use different models for both sides one of them vital and the other ear has old model!! he convince me it will be no problem with that!! after that i accepted as i though he is professional and knows more than me.. I accepted to try the vital and went many times to fix the sound in program as my audio gram but this vital took from my soul a lot because it was not work as my old model was better..

After all that he said OK we will take a microphone from Denamek and get you your old model.. it is supposed to take 10 days.. in the beginning he said it will take 3 months and then it became 10 days!!!

Then when it reached from you last two weeks.. i brought the whole structure of my CIC to put the new microphone by him. He told me it will take 2 days.. but it took one week and is not ready till yesterday.. and asking for other time..

Then i texted them in whatsup why it takes all that time.. till now i can not use my CIC!!! from JULY till now and I can not use my CIC.. suddenly he said it is ready and i can collect it!!

I can not trust what he has done no fixing very well.. even the vital has not worked very well and can not hear well.. I do not know what they are doing with my CIC..

Any way i want to tell that i am a student and i can not hear very well my lectures because of them.. and i told them many times.. but seems they do not take it seriously.

I do not want to deal with them anymore
I asked them to deliver mine to some where else like top hearing with a copy of report and warranty.. they read my message but no answering till now..

I hope i can share with you my model but i lost the picture and i do not trust them when saying that my model is Bravissimo CIC because as i remember it has a long number..

*Note: PRO FIT Address: Unit 2-9, 2nd Floor Oval Damansara Tower, No, 685, Jalan Damansara, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Looking forward to hearing from you very soon

Best Regards,
Abeer Sallam

Iamwithyou peace says:

thank you for the video ! Sorry my question is a bit out … what makes the difference between RIC and BTE hearing aid … which is better than the other if they are both wearble behind the ear ? Thank you in advance

Laurence Lee says:

What about Android?

Gary McAuley says:

How do you stream the music to the hearing aid? I have conceted hearing aid to app but dont kbow how tk stream

Sandra Perlman Halem says:

What is the price of this?

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