Siemens lotus 12p Hearing aid review

This review is for the Siemens Lotus 12P BTE hearing aid. This hearing aid is one that is mostly found on EBAY although it is also found at several online hearing aid web sites. I would like to start off by saying that I am very happy with my purchase! I was very surprised at the sound quality and overall feel of the Lotus 12P.
I would certainly recommend this aid to anyone suffering with moderate to profound hearing loss. I would also recommend this aid to anyone on a tight budget. This aid certainly has a kick, but like any other, it also has a few drawbacks.
I started wearing a Phonak Naida III SP hearing aid 2 years ago. I was attracted to the water resistance of the Naida as well as it’s multiple channels and options for accessories. I never did buy any accessories for the Naida, so that was a wasted option.
I purchased the Lotus 12P as a backup and was shocked at the quality, so now I have decided to buy another as a backup. The lotus does not offer the same features as the more expensive Phonak, But sometimes “less is more”! By eliminating all but two channels, and designing the microphone to resist water, then adding an “Ear Gear” hearing aid protector, I have the same water resistance as the Naida (at a fraction of the cost)! I hope you find this review useful. If you decide to purchase a Lotus 12P, I’m sure you’ll be happy with your decision.


leo salin says:

Hi, i bought 2 lotus 12p hearing aids from ebay and neither worked correctly….my question is does yours beep as you raise and lower the volume? Also when i am on the lower(2 beeps) it does not amplify…..did you have any of these issues? And should it beep as i raise and lower the volume? Anyone that can help would be appreciated


Bobby can give a review of those below 50USD hear aid from

Manvendra Mishra says:

How long its battery backup…????
please Answer me……

PersonalTributes says:

Thanks for sharing you did a good job. My mother bought a Hear Aid for $2500 and doesn’t work and the woman that sold left her company.I found this Hearing Aid for my mother and she has very very bad hearing and this Siemens Lotus 12P  hearing aid is awesome for here at age 75 it well worth it you save a lot great back up to!

Andres Vrhovski says:

hi how are you? do you know if it could be calibrated with a computer with the programm CONNEXX?

Vickie Johnson says:

I would like to know if this hearing aid will work with someone who has a severe hearing loss. My son’s hearing aid doesn’t work anymore and his insurance doesn’t cover hearing aids.

Barry Wind says:

Changed my battery in my Siemens bte 12P hearing aid and it quit working. Got any suggestions? I checked the voltage and is okay. Battery removed was low .8 volt but worked. When I put the old one back in it didn’t work either.

TheEspJames says:

First it’s been three years is it still working ? do you wear it often /also what is the cost?

Rohit Khanna says:

what an annoying review

kennycharles says:

Thanks for the review. I use a that cost $350. Don’t want to spend another $350 so your review is very helpful.

Junkers says:

What is the battery life like?

Udayshanker Yenki says:

thank u for ur information

Frans de Bruijn says:

Thanks for a most interesting video. I have just listened to a radio program on the snake oil salesmen who doing botched hearing tests and then flogging off $12000 hearing aids to people who don’t need t or isn’t going to work for them. . It’s refreshing to see that you have provided alternatives that is within ones budget.

Arthur Cassarty says:

Mate. The “eargear” where did you get it from. I’m in Australia.

yacoub nasrallah says:

buying for my mom ..thanks for the review my friend

oscar mostofi says:

Bought one today Hope it helps.

David Helander says:

The 2 screw adjustments between the volume rocker switch and the mic/inductance switch are marked NH and MPO. What they really are is TONE CONTROL. Crank the NH clockwise – you’ll boost the BASS – counter clockwise reduces bass. The MPO screw increases and decreases TREBLE – clockwise = more – counterclockwise = less.
My hearing loss (like most people) is in the high end of the sound spectrum of frequencies. I miss the ‘S’ ‘F’ ‘T’ sounds and the chirds burping or birds chirping.
SO I cranked the bass (NH) all the way down (counterclockwise) and the treble all the way up (clockwise). Now my lotus works perfectly for me – better than my $1500 Starkey.
Before adjusting the bass and treble I thought the thing SUCKED …. my voice was too loud and background noise was annoying …….. adjusting NH and MPO fixed it!
Hope that helps.

Bel Zel says:

Great Review……Thank You!!!!!

Diego Mendoza says:

Great review Bobby, thanks a lot!

Barry Wind says:

Just bought siemens 12p on eBay. I’m really impressed with the sound first use no adjustments made yet. In fact I can’t seem to open the compartment door for the adjustments. I did find that the first click position on battery door turns off power… great! The manuals are all in Chinese so your on your own! The two positions on the top button (as you have it on your ear) is hearing and telephone hearing. There is one beep for hearing and two beep for tele hearing. That’s all I found out so far. Hope it helps. If you know how to open the adjustment compartment please post a picture!

yosh melek says:

Thanks Bobby!  I saw this model on two different websites of online shopping.  One says it is for people with moderate to severe hearing loss.  The other one says Severe to Profound.  Which one is correct ?

hemidenis says:

thanks for the info, can u tell me how long the battery last on the 12p?. TXS

Johnny Live says:

i just got my mom this hearing aid off ebay she cant hear at all wit out one but now she can hear everything i dont like to see my mom to go thur that at all but im happy she can hear now i say go for that one guys 

Christopher gman says:

What size ear gear should I order? They have small, medium, etc. Thanks

Thomas Munroe says:

Thanks for your review. I bought one and it works perfectly for me.

bao xiong says:

i”m work for siemens hearing aid too but

David Helander says:

The button on top switches the hearing aid from microphone pickup to inductance pickup.
You switch to inductance when you want to hold a phone to your ear. It picks up the sound through inductance – the signal is caused by the speaker in the phone. It also is an immediate way to shut the microphone off when you encounter loud noise around you.
Hope that helps.

Andre Jansen says:

Thank you so much for your review. I am buying a hearing aid for my 90 year old father-in-law. I surfed the web for hours not sure what to buy. I really appreciate the info. Andre

Eclectic Guy says:

You are correct. Finding reviews for these things is like pulling teeth. The Hearing Aid business is a scam insomuch that what it costs to make these devices vs what they charge the consumer is insane. Noise cancellation is included as part of any modern microphone system on cheap video cameras and phones. The OTC products handle a lot of problems and even the people who need custom pieces are horribly overcharged to scam their insurance. Thanks for the review.

PersonalTributes says:

I read some comments and to rich people you buy the best but many people old and disable cannot afford such things.

Chris Miller says:

It would help if you gave us a PRICE and a link as to where to buy. You didn’t mention quality in comparison to the other more expensive hearing which you did mention the price of. :/

lifewasters says:

Been looking for one for my dad who lives abroad. I found your video and liked your review. So I checked on eBay to buy the same one you’ve reviewed here, but the seller wouldn’t answer a question I had for him. Is this hearing aid for the left or right ear? or either one? My dad has bad hearing on the left side. Thanks Bobby. Here’s the eBay link:

William Bensel says:

Is there an English manual for Siemens Lotus 12 P bte aid

Dale Wilbanks says:

Just got my 12P in, paid $100 bucks on Amazon.  It’s fantastic, digital quality, sounds are nice and clear.  Buy one now while you can, before somebody tries to get these off the market.

MyIRisHFriend C says:

yea well i just received my first pair… 2 days in, and these things are driving my crazy… newer technology… The ring in the ear, and the volume adjust to the environment… Now of course when i take them off i can’t hear anything now, because I use to sound…

citic101 says:

My GF is looking for a hearing aid , she lives in France and the standard hearing aid is Euro 1200 or so or more here , a real rip off , i have just seen these on amazon .com ( one bad review ) but is it better to buy from ebay ? why is Siemens selling these on ebay ? , are there fakes sold on ebay ? she has never had a hearing aid before and we know nothing at all!!!!! , where to start and what to do………

anyway thanks for the review

Everett Carnine says:

I too, bought the Siemens Lotus 12P and love it. You do need tools to attach the tube easily. Thank you for your evaluation and comparison to another set. I received instructions from Hong Kong, all in Japanese!!! Ha Thanks wtex998386

Michael Hardy says:

Thanks Bobby…

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