Sam’s Club Hearing Centers Closed | What Should You Do Next?

Now that 63 Sam’s Clubs will be closing in the near future, individuals who purchased hearing aids from those locations now need to find a different place to go for their hearing healthcare. Dr. Clifford R. Olson from Applied Hearing Solutions discusses the 3 best options when deciding what you should do next.

Option #1 – Travel to the next closest Sam’s Club location.

Even though you may have to travel a long distance, you could just go to the next closest Sam’s Club. Just know that hundreds or even thousands of hearing aid users will be doing the same thing.

Option #2 – Take your Sam’s Club hearing aids into an actual Hearing Aid Clinic.

Most Hearing Clinics will service hearing aids, even if they didn’t sell them to you. You just have to find a clinic who is willing to do this for you. To find a clinic near you, check out

Option #3 – Buy new Hearing Aids

Don’t rush into this option if your aids are still working well. But now is the best time to educate yourself about hearing aid technology and the things that maximize benefit with hearing aids. Make sure the place you go to uses Real Ear Measures. Not sure what Real Ear Measures are? Watch this video:


Doctor Cliff, AuD says:

Hi Everyone, looking forward to your thoughts about the new Sam’s Club Closings across the US!

Brian Yawn says:

Thanks for the info about hearing did not know that existed that’s going to help me immensely

zone1hearing says:

Wow never knew about all of the store closures, not great news for their patients! Great informative video though as always.

Phil Kimes says:

Bought a pair of the Sam’s China made aids and as the man said they are just Sam’s junk. Their China brand batteries last no time compared to name brand. The aids do nothing but squeal, they will not stay in my ears and the sound quality is terrible. After you buy further service forget it their staff could care less, all they want is you money then dump you a treat you like dirt. Pretty much a standard Sam’s practice on all their products. I don’t know what rock they found this Mfg. Co. HLT or Lucid; just the same junk with a different name. Their product sound no be called Liberty but Bondage. Whoever this woman in this video is she is paid to say all these nothing but pure lies. Do yourself a favor and warn all you know these pieces of junk it is a complete sham. I put up with this trash for a year and my kind son in law took to me to Connect Hearing and got me affordable quality made aids by Unitron for just $1000.00. The sound quality is clear and I under stand very well. There is no squealing ever, they stay in my ears without backing out all the time. They are so small and rounded behind my ears it is like I am wearing nothing, the aid color is very attractive instead of ugly crayon peach color like Sam’s junk. The auto switch for phone calls I can hearing over the phone again! All these Sam’s junk aids did is squeal. The Unitron uses the same size battery as the Sam’s junk aids and with double life between changes. Please people if you living on a tight SS income like myself stay away from these Sam’s China trash hearing aid!

ikungfuyou2 says:

Also a locked out hearing aid (2:31) they don’t sell any major brands they only sell there own brand (so, no one will or can service them).

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